I Heart Transit: texting your support for public transit investment

The American Public Transportation Association (APTA) has just launched a new campaign to drum up support for public transit. It’s called “I <3 Transit” and participating couldn’t be any easier. Just text TRANSIT to 86677 to vouch for your love of transit.

The larger goal is to use the results of the texting campaign to encourage Congress to pass a long-term transportation bill that increases funding for transit.

Here’s how APTA explains it:

“I <3 Transit” is a grassroots advocacy campaign rallying Americans to voice their support for public transportation and call on policymakers in Washington to increase funding for public transit programs.

People board public transportation 35 million times each weekday. Our campaign hopes to harness the voices of the millions of people who benefit from our public transit systems – riders and non-riders alike.

You can also join the campaign by following @ihearttransit on Twitter, becoming a fan on Facebook or signing the petition to Congress at publictransportation.org.

FYI: this campaign is unrelated to I Love Transit Week, the week of blog based transit loving started by Vancouver’s Buzzer Blog and embraced by The Source last year.

2 replies

  1. I’m fed up with the Greater Cleveland RTA cutting services! RTA here has taken away many bus routes within the past few years, especially on Easter Sunday, April 4, 2010 leaving me with no means of transportation other than a taxicab-it costs an arm and a leg to take a taxicab! Now Ohio Governor John Kasich seems to be trying to shut down RTA. He seems to be wanting more highways built in liu of public transit.

  2. I, Torri Bishop, pretty much take public transportation every single day to work.

    congress should very much pass the bill that will allow more busses to be in service: case in point: the community circulator buses! the circulator bus are in very high demand for those of us(especially for the elderly people) who just wants to go to the grocery store in their neighborhood !

    please… PASS THE BILL!