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davidklor Seriously? Three turkey leg bones on the Blue Line platform this morning? #metrolosangeles keeps it classy.

alloutattack Bus #9305 is disgusting: filthy floors, gross seats. Oh and the row broken free from the ceiling that’s kneecapping peeps. @metrolosangeles

silusesMac @metrolosangeles, hate those Thomas buses on line 96, no AC on a hot day is torture, when are the newer buses going to fully replace them

andiedavino @metrolosangeles please thank your redline train driver nb @ 835 left 2 minutes early fr US & leaving me behind, thus making me late 4 work

ahealthydesign 704 Dtown->Hwood = great AM. PM: No seat, kid kickin my gut, man pushin my behind. More buses pls #metrolosangeles http://twitpic.com/4mgjmp

metrofied84 #metrolosangeles your buses are overcrowded run the articulated ones in WeHo for the love of god I’m suffocating

clarely Way back, bus is 15 minutes late… and now I have a sunburn. #transitfail @metrolosangeles

clarely @metrolosangeles Your bus drivers need to STOP when there are customers at a stop waving at them. Am now out of luck to get somewhere bc of the 212.

johnharpster @metrolosangeles 733 is over 20 min late to Main/Grand.. but I’ve seen about 8 going the other direction #forreal


John_Mundy @metrolosangeles LA bus drivers are honestly the nicest bus drivers I’ve met in the world. #LA

Waltarrrrr Ya know, it’s pretty awesome that @metrolosangeles isn’t really affected by oil prices. ALL their buses run on compressed natural gas.

toybuilder @metrolosangeles‘s #nextbus service is a great example of GPS, broadband, databases, mobile web, and Google maps coming together!

calwatch The silver line is doing great tonight… Too bad @metrolosangeles only runs it once an hour after 10. So much for rail like service.

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Kythera @metrolosangeles. Might be a good idea to put a link to Nextrip on the metro.net homepage. It’s a useful tool, & should be easier to access.

shanepang @metrolosangeles More 4s and make the 704 24 hours. Now!


RobertMoranLA Riding #metrolosangeles isn’t just a bus trip. It is an adventure.

ZachBehrens Wow, I’m the only person on the @MetroLosAngeles #2 bus right now in Hollywood. That’s a first. http://instagr.am/p/DMKuw/

anyonebutgil imperial/wilmington/rosa parks/longest station name ever. #metrolosangeles

tedder42 Please don’t sell candy bars on @metrolosangeles buses, buskers. This isn’t the NYC subway.

ahealthydesign A tip for friends heading to #artinthestreets: take Metro Gold Line to Little Tokyo if possible. Skip the parking hassle. #metrolosangeles

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