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Miguel2299 @metrolosangeles thank u Metro I <3 u! U made my first CicLavia what it was. & thats AMAZING :] <3! ~kid from Simi Valley

toybuilder @metrolosangeles lots of bicyclists can’t board Gold line at all. trains are almost full for non-bikes. Need 3-car trains now! #ciclavia

blinkie Heading to CicLAvia on #metrolosangeles. So much easier to explore Downtown when you don’t have to dodge cars!

u62 My first win of @cicLAvia and I’m still in Venice. This 733 @metrolosangeles bus isn’t charging today #ExtraPupuseria

anahr @ciclavia bound! thank you @metrolosangeles for longer trains to accommodate bikes today http://4sq.com/f0k9mI

blinkie Bicyclists on the Gold Line trying to keep their bikes out of other people’s way. Compare that to your average parking lot. #metrolosangeles

markvalli .@metrolosangeles Gimme one of those longer trains at lake station, baby! @anahr & I need to get to @CicLAvia

stevelandharris Using @metrolosangeles during #CicLAvia was flawless with NextBus and racks to carry our bikes. Big ups to the great operators on 201 & 94!

Waltarrrrr Kudos to @metrolosangeles for the extra trains and buses around @CicLAvia yesterday.


adamlarue @metrolosangeles The Blue Line has hit a new low. Train vendor selling individual cigarettes and packs on the train.

blinkie @metrolosangeles Drivers don’t take Metro for the same reason Metro employees don’t — no service or unreliable service when they need it.

pxxxjxxx @metrolosangeles 239Bus8249 arrived with an emergency window dangling open. This is a serious risk. I’m losing faith in Los Angeles transit.

amysilstein 720 was empty but it passed dt stop and about 10 peeps waitng #metrolosangeles

sunny_Menagerie I rushed in vons to wait for a late bus…thanks for my wasted time @metrolosangeles

pxxxjxxx @metrolosangeles Your monday driver for the southbound 239 has been 30 minutes late for weeks now. Can you please reprimand or replace them?

CoasterMatt Hey @metrolosangeles – thanks for nothing! Another day, another bus that doesn’t show up. #commutingisfun

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tombleich Just got off the # 4 bus to downtown LA 6508 with Patrice-she’s a great MTA driver, very friendly and professional@metrolosangeles

blinkie Trying out the new Union Station Starbucks. Gotta give props to @metrolosangeles for bringing more businesses to the station.


ZachBehrens New unofficial @MetroLosAngeles Rule: If you have cash, board after TAP holders so the bus can get moving while you fiddle with 20 coins.

blinkie @metrolosangeles You know what would push more riders to transit? Reliable, frequent bus service 24/7 where it’s vitally needed.


RedEbbm @metrolosangeles love NexTrip but it seems like the 256 is getting worse and worse on reporting to the system.

tedder42 These new @metrolosangeles buses are fancy with their low floor, but their lack of a pull-for-stop cable is disorienting.

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