Update your bookmarks: The Metro Library’s Primary Resources blog gets a new home

Primary Resources Blog

Today’s launch of El Pasajero is big news, but another Metro blog recently got an update worth mentioning. Primary Resources, the official blog of the Dorothy Peyton Gray Transportation Library and Archive (or the Metro Library for those who prefer brevity), now has a shiny new URL and look.

Primary Resources can now be found at: http://metroprimaryresources.info/

Launched almost a year ago, Primary Resources reports on the library’s latest acquisitions and their role in the current state of transportation. The blog also looks back through the library’s vast historical archives and uses history as a lens to focus on modern transportation issues. It’s all very interesting stuff, especially for the hardcore transit geek and/or L.A. history buff, and now thanks to the redesign it’s also really nice to look at.

You may be wondering: what’s with all the blogs, isn’t Metro a transportation agency? Good question. Metro has realized that online publishing provides an effective and inexpensive way to reach and engage a large audience. We hope that as Metro patrons and Los Angeles County taxpayers you appreciate the efforts for improved outreach and communications that blogs like these provide.

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