A case for BRT? Big Wheel tricycle beats NYC bus

Comedian Mark Malkoff unintentionally makes a case for bus rapid transit (BRT) in this hilarious video of him on a children’s Big Wheel tricycle racing a New York City transit bus.

The mile long race through the heart of Times Square proves that a grown man on a child’s toy can actually be a faster mode of transportation than a city bus in the right conditions. Mark and his Big Wheel completed the race in 12 minutes 42 seconds (average speed 4.7mph) while the bus clocked in at 14 minutes 20 seconds (average speed 3.8mph). The losing bus line is the M42 – a line with the dubious title of “Slowest Bus in New York City” according to Streetsblog.

Since 2004 NYC MTA has been investing in BRT routes to increase bus speeds – there are currently two such routes in operation. Closer to home Metro has invested in the Rapid program, the Orange and Silver Lines and, in December, approved the Wilshire Bus Rapid Transit project.

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