Video: Expo Line vehicle testing commences

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Here’s some more Expo Line eye candy: watch as Metro staff roll out the first light rail vehicle on to tracks for testing.

The train is pulled by a “high-rail” vehicle – basically a big truck fitted with steel wheels – as there is currently no power flowing through the overhead wires. Power is expected to come online later this month, and until then Metro’s engineers will be busy testing.

In one such test, seen here, the alignment of the rail car to the platform is measured – mind the gap!

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  1. It’s great to see this taking place! How exciting.

    I’m curious, though — isn’t this kind of clearance stuff something that can be engineered out during design? I’m a little surprised to see them running a train car with styrofoam blocks taped to the sides, and getting out their measuring tapes to make sure the train fits the platforms. I mean, thumbs up, but it seems like engineering and math should have solved this.

    I’d hate to see what happens if things didn’t fit…

  2. I feel like Kritin Wiig’s character from SNL “I’M so Freaking excited!”

    …and this only the beginning, from the second phase to the gold line extension. The Crenshaw line and beyond. L.A. is finally getting a true transit system it deserves and needs.