Transportation headlines, Thursday, March 31

Here is a look at some of the transportation headlines gathered by us and the Metro Library. The full list of headlines is posted on the library’s blog.

Villaraigosa and Boxer are joined by GOP and business leaders in call for more federal transportation money (Los Angeles Times)

Which Way L.A.? Mayor Villaraigosa and ‘America Fast Forward (KCRW)

The news conference on America Fast Forward held Wednesday in Washington sparked considerable media coverage. As the Times notes, the proposal to use federal loans to build transit more quickly is one of the few things in D.C. with bipartisan support. On KCRW, Metro Board Member Villaraigosa touts the plan and notes that it also jibes with President Obama’s national energy policy. Check out the nice brochure produced by Metro on the AFF plan and here is 22 minutes of video from the news conference.

Wilshire Grand light district approved by City Council (L.A. Times)

The two new skyscrapers near the 7th/Metro Center rail station will be allowed to show digital ads on the exterior of the bottom 10 stories and other “artistic lighting” higher up. The developer’s website has renderings of the buildings that — to me, at least — seem attractive and an improvement over what’s currently there. The developer also says Half Dome in Yosemite was the inspiration for the structures. Not sure I see the resemblance on that count.

Obama calls for slashing U.S. oil use (New York Times)

The President said he wants to reduce the nation’s oil use by three to four million barrels a day by 2025. How? The president called for producing more electric cars, converting trucks to run on natural gas, building new refineries to brew billions of gallons of biofuels and increasing fuel-efficiency standards for vehicles. Congress has been debating these measures for years,” reports the Times.