Video: Metro CEO Art Leahy speaks at March Transit Coalition meeting

Metro CEO Art Leahy discussed the latest happenings at Metro and fielded questions from the public at last week’s Transit Coalition meeting. TonyW79SFV has uploaded a video of the event to YouTube, it’s unedited and an hour long but contains some good nuggets of info throughout.

Here are links to some of the highlights:

  • Metro’s current goals (“we are practicing being thrifty and frugal in how we spend money”) and the impact of the consent decree (“it created a culture of more rather than a culture of better”)  Watch it.
  • June bus service reductions  Watch it.
  • Metro’s cost control policy (“Measure R revenues are down, as a consequence of them being down we’re going to have a hard time fulfilling our obligation to tax payers”) Watch it.
  • Thought process behind service cuts (“look at the service, look at the ridership, and if there’s service that’s not well utilized let’s take it out”) Watch it.
  • Plans to reduce Day Pass from $6 to $5  Watch it.
  • Why is there no 30-day TAP pass? (“I’ve had in recent days some very intense conversations with my co-workers about that very topic”) Watch it.
  • More on that cost control policy (“the way we keep consensus on the board is to make sure everybody’s getting their project”) Watch it.
  • Thoughts on high-speed rail (“for high-speed rail to be plausible and feasible it has to get to Los Angeles”) Watch it.