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MaryKnabben@Metrolosangeles I REALLY APPRECIATE to wait another half hour in the cold & the pouring rain!! THANKS for that PLEASURE!!!

supermonkeymag took doomed 757 to crenshaw greenline missed @metrolosangeles train by 1 min #fail

phillipkent Thanks @metrolosangeles for giving me a day old transfer, thus preventing me from getting on my next bus.

sheepdawg666 @metrolosangeles Stop selling exploitative financial products to vulnerable customers! Your transit VISA charges $4.95 a month! Obscene.

_thedudeabides_ MTA OKs deep cuts to service-there went my bus line. Thanks @metrolosangeles you guys sure no how to make a city great http://lat.ms/fmAe0y

raiderdawg71 @metrolosangeles When the staff is done cutting bus routes this time we will wish it was 1990

mandiesurja Bus sometimes comes late amd sometimes comes faster… NEVER COMES AT THE RIGHT TIME!!! @metrolosangeles

GraphikDeziner Hey @metrolosangeles can you please crack down on ppl selling on the blue line? In 40 mins 3ppl with various food & jewelry.

Note to @supermonkeymag: Rapid 757 is not totally doomed, weekday service will continue as we reported here.


sheepdawg666 nextbus.com is 2 for 2 for me in la. Go metro go. Now, can you also stop cutting bus lines? #metrolosangeles@metrolosangeles

christashima Nice. Wetzel’s, Subway & Starbucks (WiFi!!!) now by Red Line in Union Station @metrolosangeles. See’s Candy coming.

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markvalli don’t extend 710 freeway, build hundreds of miles of bike lanes, protected lanes, bike highways @sr710convos @metrolosangeles

LindseySaladbar Okay, a GPS-based app would be a TOTAL game changer for @metrolosangeles. Right? Right.

plusMETRO Be a #GoodCommuter: If you use #MetroLosAngeles’ Nextrip, help fellow commuters at bus stops by telling them the next bus arrival time.

Redebbm1@metrolosangeles I know NexTrip still in beta but make sure your vehicles report. I think some might be turned off.


zachbehrens Awesome = @metrolosangeles + iPad + @instapaper + @longreads.

hnjohnso I am always paranoid about putting bikes in @metrolosangeles bus bike racks. Please don’t fall off!

Javi_Verified Nothing like people listening to music on speaker while riding @metrolosangeles #respectotherpeople#justsaying

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3 replies

  1. @hnjohnso: be careful about those bike racks. On the bus today, some guy jacked another guy’s bike. The thief shoved the bike’s owner and took off. Bus driver and everyone on the bus (especially up near the front) saw the whole thing, but of course, couldn’t stop the thief.

    The bike’s owner started running after the thief, and then borrowed another person’s bike and took off after him. I hope he caught up to the thief (though I think it’s unlikely)… too bad those buses don’t have dashboard cams!

  2. @hnjohnso i was also afraid of my crusier falling off the 550 on the i-110 – the tire was too fat to fit inside – had to let some air out.

    #757 good thing it’s not doomed, albeit i could see why they would cancel it since it parallels the 710 and there were only 5-10 people riding it.

  3. The tweet in the Fail section above is actually from @_thedudeabides_ which is different from @thedudabides

    I would hate to be misquoted.