Today’s Board of Directors meeting is underway

Good morning, Source readers.

The Metro Board of Directors meeting started a few minutes ago. As many of you know, the big item on today’s agenda is a vote on proposed bus service changes to take effect in June.

If you would like more information and background on the proposed changes, here is a memo to the Board of Directors from Metro chief operations officer Lonnie Mitchell.

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  1. The problem is the people who review the routes as well as person edits this source are the one who drive. That is the reason, it is hard for them understand the pain.

    The people who take bus have hard time attending the meeting. They have hard time get to work/home. Getting to the MTA meeting seems to be unproductive (even though bus riders need buses to get to work)

    I propose MTA to hold more meeting at day time during the weekend. People already have hard time commuting by bus during day time. Commuting at night time is nightmare.

    That could be reason carail supporters are more powerful. They have more mobility to show up at the meeting

  2. As much “public input” is allowed for on “proposed service changes”, it would be nice to find out HOW the same PUBLIC can SUGGEST service changes (e.g. re-routing of currently existing bus lines, where MORE SERVICE is needed, etc.). There is clearly some “Operations Committee” (of unknown MTA people!) that clearly come up with THEIR proposed changes, but what about what the RIDERS WHO RIDE THE ACTUAL BUSES WANT?

    • Hi John;

      Metro bus service is frequently reviewed by the five community-based service councils that advise Metro. Their meetings are open to the public. For more information, please go to this page on the Metro website.

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source