Chat with Metro CEO Art Leahy at tonight’s Transit Coalition meeting

The Transit Coalition is hosting Metro CEO Art Leahy at their monthly meeting tonight. If you’ve never attended a Transit Coalition meeting – it’s a casual event where Leahy will discuss the latest happenings at Metro and field your questions while dining on french dip sandwiches at Philippe The Original near Union Station.

It’s a good opportunity to meet Metro’s head honcho, get the executive view of the various projects you’ve read about on The Source and even swap transit stories – Leahy is a regular rider! Plus you can learn more about the Transit Coalition and their efforts to improve transit through advocacy.

Here are the details:

Transit Coalition Meeting with Art Leahy
When: 6:50pm-8:40pm
Price: FREE
Where: Philippe The Original, 1001 N. Alameda St.
Nearby Metro Rail: Union Station, Red/Purple Line Union StationGold Line Union Station
Nearby Metro Bus Stops: Alameda/Main (76), Cesar Chavez/Main (704/745), Cesar Chavez/Alameda (33, 70, 71, 78/79/378, 84/68, 733)

4 replies

  1. I saw him on the blue line and the bus heading to the USC/UCLA game one time. Remember he use to be a bus driver who worked his way up so he understands his customers.

  2. I ride the buses and trains everyday and I haven’t seen you! Dude, the guy takes Metrolink everyday from his home in OC to work at Metro. Study the facts, don’t assume that you don’t “personally see him”, he doesn’t ride.

  3. Mr. Art Leahy cannot be a regular rider..?!
    There is no way! I ride around town to commute from work, to home, to shooping, various sporting events and such; utilizing all sorts of transit in and around Los Angeles, and i have yet to see him!

    I’d like him to actually jump on a overflowing bus and stand like A Regular Rider, He needs to feel what everyone feels in LA, come on Leahy! If you want respect and you want the support of all of us in Los Angeles, Stand with US as a regular rider!

    :] Thanks!