Clearance on Expo Line to be tested Tuesday morning in USC area

Metro’s operations crew has scheduled a test for tomorrow morning in the USC area: a truck will be pushing a mock-up of a train car on the Expo Line tracks to check for clearance issues.

This isn’t the same as a real train being on the tracks, but nonetheless members of the public should take notice as activity along the alignment will continue to increase.

This is a prelude to testing train cars under their own power, which is scheduled to take place later in the spring.

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  1. Are there any more details about specifically when and where? Would love to be there to document =)

  2. thanks Steve. I’d be happy to take and post pictures of it, but I’m patient. I assume you’ll post it under a new blog entry rather than buried in these comments?

  3. Nice work. Can’t wait till it’s fully in service. All we need is a color coded mark for the MTA map I’m not exactly certain which color but it’ll be in good precise hopefully. Also whe will the Exps Line will possibly be redy to roll? Later this year, summer, or early next year, et. What are we looking at here? I know it’s early but what are the possibilitites?

  4. Okay, I’m super-curious. Can you post a picture of the train car mockup? I mean, is it simply a piece of steel to show the height, or is it more train-sized?

    • Hi Tedder;

      Sorry, but I don’t have a photo at the moment. We’re hoping to have some tomorrow.

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source