Metro Board Operations Committee considers June service changes

The Metro Board of Directors Operations Committee on Thursday met to consider the proposed June 2011 service changes. A full list of the proposed changes is available here [PDF].

After a line-by-line review of the changes, the Operations Committee voted to forward the proposed bus service changes to the full Board of Directors, who are scheduled to vote on the issue next Thursday, March 24.

Also of note, the committee authorized Metro CEO Art Leahy to purchase up to 700 new 40-foot advanced transit buses through 2015 using a “best value” criteria for the order. These new buses would replace the oldest in Metro’s bus fleet that have outlived their useful service life.

During the public comment period, members of the Bus Riders Union spoke against the proposed service changes. Below the jump is Metro’s official response to the Federal Transit Administration Review of Metro’s service Changes, which was initiated in part at the request of the Bus Riders Union.

Metro Statement Re: FTA Review of Metro Service Changes, March 17, 2011

Metro welcomes any and all compliance reviews by the Federal Transportation Administration (FTA).

Whether the review is part of an already scheduled triennial review by the FTA slated for later this year, or a separate review, they have indicated that they will take a look at our policies and procedures associated with changes in service provided by Metro. In no way does the scheduling of a review by the FTA pass judgment on anything Metro has done or is doing.

Proposed service changes currently being considered and past service changes are necessary steps to secure the financial health of the agency while at the same time providing quality service against the backdrop of the recent economic downturn.

We remain confident that the review will show all service changes either proposed or implemented have been consistent with Metro’s operating budget, agency plans, agency policy and meet all federal requirements.

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  1. And what exactly does it take for any part of the MTA to consider increases in bus service on lines that sorely need them? (e.G. Lines 76 & 266!). Yes, i know the “soaring gas prices” will be increasing ridership on all bus lines, but these lines have been over-crowded before the gas prices started spiking! Surely with all the bus lines the MTA is cancelling, there are now enough buses to add to the lines that need it!

  2. # of bus lines discontinued in December, 2010: 9! # of bus lines proposed for discontinuation in June, 2011: 5! # of buses to be purchased THIS YEAR as a result of the “cost-savings” of the bus lines being eliminated: ZERO! Where exactly IS the gain here?

  3. Line 757 should not be canceled! It is one of the most busiest lines in the system. If line 307 is implemented, I believe the ridership on Western Ave. will drop. Many people ride the 757 because it runs every day & its a quick ride from Athens to Hollywood. Line 460 must not be shortened. People will not be willing to spend an additional $2.45 just to transfer to the Silver Line. If the 757 is eliminated then lines 207 & 307 must be extended to serve Crenshaw Green Line Station. Line 120 takes every 60 mins. to reach the station.
    The short line trips of line 200 should end at the 37th Street Silver Line Station. Currently there are no buses that connect to this station. Passengers walk more than 1/4 mile to reach this station. There needs to be signage of the Silver Line!

  4. The 357 is reimplemented (as the 307) and the 460 continues downtown all hours of the day. Unfortunately the most devastating cut, to Line 485 weekend and night service, is not mitigated in any way.

  5. well if you cancel the 757 will the 207 now go to green line at Crenshaw instead of stopping 2 mile away on Western and Imperial? I can work with that. And Also if you do that put a stop on Imperial and Crenshaw and van ness and imperial

  6. I’m glad the staff report includes details on Tier II & III changes approved by the Governance Councils. The Board only reviews Tier I changes (albeit they have ultimate authority over all service).

    One thing that has bothered me for some time is I am unaware of any extent list of which are the lines that constitute Tier I along with a description of the criteria by which they qualify for that status. I humbly request Metro staff add this information somewhere on the agency website. Pretty please?

  7. Come on now if you are going to try to tow the company line you need to make sure you use the official nomenclature.

    It’s “service enhancements'” calling it service changes is selling it short…….

  8. I would like to say that by eliminating the 757 Western Rapid will make a major impact because prior to the implementation of the 757 there was the 357limited and now just the 207 it will be a mess. I live in Hollywood and I catch the 757 Daily and have been when it was the 357.Please keep our rapid or reimplement the 357. Another suggestion is to keep the 460 Disney continuing to Downtown because the Tourists in Anaheim would like to checkout the New Downtown and by eliminating D.T. Service will hurt the revenue of the city and to MTA because of the confusion that it will cause with 3 different connections when it was just one. And not to mention the people who work in Anaheim but live in L.A. or the other way around. Thank You for your time.