Transit forcast for Tuesday, March 15

For a complete list of planned service advisories please visit the Service Advisories page on And for the latest service alerts follow @MetroLAalerts on Twitter.

Blue Line

After 8:15pm, Blue Line trains run every 30 minutes due to construction work for the future Expo Line.  Please see schedule here.

Dates: through Thursday

Red/Purple Lines

Due to track maintenance after 8:30pm, trains will operate on a different schedule (times are approximate and are subject to minor work related delays).

  • Inbound Red Line trains run 2 minutes later than regular schedule, departing North Hollywood at 8:56pm, 9:16pm, 9:36pm and every 20 minutes until 12:16am, then 12:34 and 12:54.
  • Outbound Red Line trains will run on normal schedule.
  • During this time, Red Line in both directions will share ONE track between Wilshire/Vermont & Vermont/Beverly. Please check train destination signs and platform displays before boarding.
  • Purple Line will NOT operate between Union Station & Wilshire/Vermont; Purple Line will only operate between Wilshire/Vermont & Wilshire/Western, sharing ONE track at Wilshire/Normandie.
    • For travel to/from Downtown stations, transfer with Red Line at Wilshire/Vermont (check train announcements for which platform to board on- Upper or Lower).
    • Westbound Purple Line trains depart Wilshire/Vermont at 9:10pm, 9:30pm, 9:50pm and every 20 minutes until 11:50pm.
    • Eastbound Purple Line trains depart Wilshire/Western at 9:04pm, 9:24pm, 9:44pm and every 20 minutes until 12:04am.

Dates: through Thursday

Gold Line Eastside Extension

Due to track maintenance from 10am to 2pm, trains between Union Station & East LA Atlantic will operate every 24-26 minutes.   Trains between Union Station & Pasadena will operate every 10-15 minutes.  Trains are subject to minor work related delays.

  • Trains to Pasadena will depart Atlantic Station at 9:25am, 9:51, 10:17, 10:41, 11:07, 11:31, 11:57, 12:21pm, 12:47, 1:11, 1:37, 2:03, 2:27, 2:37, then resuming regular schedule. Additional service to Pasadena will begin at Union Station, providing every 10-15 minute service between Union Station & Pasadena.
  • Trains to East LA will depart Union Station at 9:51am, 10:15, 10:41, 11:05, 11:31, 11:55, 12:21pm, 12:45, 1:11, 1:35, 2:01, 2:11,  then resuming regular schedule.  These trains depart from Pasadena approximately 30 minutes before time shown.  Additional service from Pasadena will terminate at Union Station, providing every 10-15 minute service between Union Station & Pasadena.
  • During this time, trains in both directions will share ONE track at Little Tokyo/Arts District & Pico/Aliso Stations. Please check destination signs and platform announcements before boarding.

Dates: through Thursday

Advisories for Line 611 and  Line 685 after the jump.

Line 611

Due to construction the listed lines will be on detour between Santa Ana Ave. & Seville Ave.

Clockwise: Regular route to Santa Ana Ave. and Cypress Ave., then continue via Santa Ana Ave. to (R) Mountain View Ave., (L) Broadway, (R) Seville Ave. and regular route.

Counter Clockwise: Regular route to Seville Ave. and Grand Ave., then continue via Seville Ave. to (L) Broadway, (R) Mountain View Ave., (L) Santa Ana Ave. and regular route.

Dates: through March 25

Line 685

Due to construction the listed lines will be on detour between Cypress Ave. & Verdugo Rd.

Northbound Only: Depart layover via Cypress Ave. to (R) Cazador St., (L) San Fernando Rd., (L) Division St., (L) Cypress Ave. to Verdugo Rd. and regular route.

Dates: 8am-3:30pm,  through April 13

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