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lukeodom When 720 finally gets here he drops a dozen people across intersection then blows stop where only 5 of us are waiting. #metrolosangeles

paulhfischer Second time in a week the bus broken down. Thanks a lot @metrolosangeles

BlueMonarch Trying to do the right thing by taking the train in to work instead of driving. This ride has not been stellar. @metrolosangeles

SimonOh @metrolosangeles Gold Line train door blocked by the yellow safety barriers. How unfortunate! http://twitpic.com/496a33

Waltarrrrr Always embarrassed as an Angelno when seeing tourists at the beat-down @MetroLosAngeles Green Line / Blue Line station on their way to LAX.

peard33 @expoline @metrolosangeles wasn’t planning to bring my car next semester, but a nov. 15 opening date is going to screw over that plan.

iSexpionage Good morning everyone. On the #Blueline trying to get to work, yet @MetroLosAngeles trains r not working & drivers r not communicating.

feellikealocal @metrolosangeles according to ur trip planner, I should’ve been on reseda/saticoy by 9:59 from the orange line. #fail I’m still @ the orange


meowser8 I gave up driving to work for Lent and I’m enjoying being back on the train @metrolosangeles

jhvu GPS tracking for @metrolosangeles buses works well so far on iPhone http://nextbus.com

JeffersHollywd @metrolosangeles – it is SO great living on the Metro Line!!!

ayogist leave it to me and my bike to go from santa monica to hollywood and back… via burbank! yay for going multimodal w/ @metrolosangeles !

ashleycarey @metrolosangeles thanks for #NextBus. You might have saved my job.

Kythera Spreading the word of #nextrip to other passengers waiting for a 108 that shoulda been here 20 minutes ago. Praise GPS! #metrolosangeles

ellymbishop Another beautiful morning headed to work in Pasadena on the Gold Line. @metrolosangeles

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cookiebandit People who smoke at @metrolosangeles bus stops should be banned, forever!

Denise_V @metrolosangeles People should not be allowed to talk on their phones on the bus. It’s so disturbing for the rest of us.

Denise_V @metrolosangeles Also, there should be security & sheriffs at all metro stations, there’s so many sketchy people riding the subway for free.


jchristinahuh Only people whove never ridden @metrolosangeles insist on perfect punctuality.

Waltarrrrr A very @DAVID_LYNCH type experience waiting in the dark over the ocean & having a @MetroLosAngeles 344 Bus pull up & take me away.

karentvchick $1.50 vs $250 fine? No brainer, because the @metrolosangeles train police will cuff & stuff you. Saw it happen today.

anyonebutgil #metrolosangeles guy at hollywood/highland (possible tourist or foreigner?) just asked if there’s a tube station in santa monica. #sadface

RobertMoranLA It seems that #metrolosangeles trains and busses are more crowded this week. Possibly due to gas prices.

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