Metro Goes Virtual for SR-710 Conversations

SR-710 virtual main hall

Continuing its new approach to civic engagement, Metro’s “SR-710 Conversations” will launch its virtual meeting next week on March 21, 2011 at 6 p.m. Pre-registration is now open to the public for this first-of-its-kind online public meeting.

People concerned about congestion and mobility issues suffered throughout the region related to the SR-710 Gap will be able to go on the official record from home, work or anywhere else whenever they choose, 24/7, over a three-week period. Joining the meeting live on March 21 will allow users to chat live with Metro and Caltrans representatives; however, the virtual meeting will be available on demand through April 14, the end of the environmental “scoping” phase.

Called the “SR-710 Conversations Online Open House”, Metro’s virtual meeting developed by Consensus Inc. differs from webcasts and other online meeting platforms by offering a user experience enriched with visuals and an intuitive, easy-to-navigate interface. It was designed to expand participation opportunities for those throughout the region who cannot make it to the 18 meetings being hosted throughout project corridor.

SR 710 meeting virtual presentation room.

As you can see by the preview, the virtual meeting simulates the type of experience one would encounter attending a meeting in person, all while saving the time, money and gasoline needed to make the trip.

View a sneak peek of the virtual meeting in this video invitation.

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