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We know that nearly half of all trips taken by the average American are two miles or less from their homes, but for L.A.’s extreme cyclists two miles is just the departure point. Find out who’s leaving their cars at home and hopping on Metro and their bikes for rides that most of us would consider expeditions.

In the years since the terrible 2008 Chatsworth train collision claimed the lives of 25 passengers and injured 135 others, Metrolink has re-emerged as a safety leader in the commuter rail industry. To learn about it, Metro Motion takes a tour on one of Metrolink’s new collapsible cars with Metrolink CEO John Fenton, who offers first-hand commentary on the modern technology that just might save lives.

Also on this edition, Noho — the arty North Hollywood neighborhood — is growing up. It has shed its funky ways and become downright sophisticated. From theater to dance to restaurants, there’s a lot to do. And all of it has modern Metro at its doorstep.

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