More Expo Videos: A Phase One tour by car

Thanks to Montreal-based transit connoisseur Alex Kasperavicius for recording this video progress report on the Expo Line Phase One from Culver City to downtown Los Angeles. At 16 minutes long, it represents a somewhat sped-up version of how riding the trail will actually feel (red lights are edited out — if only in real life too!).

In ten years, it’ll be interesting to come back and look at this again, when all the recently-planted trees have grown in and Expo feels like second nature to the communities it will serve.

Let us know what you think of this one, and we’ll keep passing along the great ones that we find.

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  1. Sometimes I have to take my wife to work or pick her up and when I do, I follow the alignment to watch the construction progress and the evolution I’ve seen over the last four years has been astounding. I love that someone made this video and is sharing what I’ve been trying to capture just with the memory in my own brain, and put it up on the Internet. I also want to thank The Source for sharing this video here.

  2. Cool video.You save me the effort of having to drive it myself. Thanks.

  3. Mr. Rubin. Thanks for the excellent video posting. One quick question: Do we have a firm starting date for the Expo line? Thanks again.

  4. I sure hope that the “red lights edited out” will actually be how the ride is on the expo line. Having to wait a lights on a train is going to hurt the line.

  5. Good deal, now I don’t have to spend 10 bucks on gas to drive down there and do that ride myself.

    The one thing that strikes me looking at this is truly how underdeveloped and low-slung the areas are along the line, apart from Crenshaw and the USC area and north.

    Plenty of room for LA to expand upward along this line, instead of more sprawl. A multitude of 10-20 story condo buildings would help.

  6. Thankfully, quite a few of those red lights won’t even matter as the train will glide over them on elevated sections.

    I wish that we could afford more elevated tracks.

  7. I think we can afford more grade separation, its just a matter of where our priorities are on transit development.