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stevelandharris Big props to @metrolosangeles for letting loose bus realtime arrival on phones. Makes up for a lot and wipes out much of the rant section!

Juan_Matute Nextbus is @metrolosangeles‘s most significant advancement to attract choice riders since Metro Rapid.

NeelSodha NextTrip by Metro is the best thing ever! I want to stand at bus stops and give peeps their expected bus departure times #metrolosangeles

LovesToNomNom Using @metrolosangeles‘ NexTrip like it’s nobody’s bidness! Thank goodness for my iPhone 😀

ct1963 @metrolosangeles Stop 12992 at 4:55 accurate to 30 seconds. Thx!!

krishaleanne this is like the answers to my prayers!! RT @LAist: When’s Your Bus Coming? @MetroLosAngeles Tests Mobile Info System http://bit.ly/icl9EK

kristencreag @metrolosangeles Nextrip has been amazing so far for my coworker and I. Very accurate.

Kythera Using #nextrip. It’s a little fast (108 eatbound arrived about 2 minutes after #nextrip indicated) but AWESOME! Kudos @metrolosangeles

UCLACommute @MetroLosAngeles, congratulations on your Nextrip Beta Launch. I used it last night; it works! http://bit.ly/gKSVl9

sunny_Menagerie @metrolosangeles thanks for updating the arrival times…so fun to sit here and wait a half hour…

RedEbbm @metrolosangeles should include metro rail in the nextrip predictions.

blinkie Hey @metrolosangeles the Nextrip mobile site looks useful, but why doesn’t it list light rail?


adamlarue @metrolosangeles Haven’t seen a fare inspector on the train at rush hour in months. Checking exit is useless. Hobos stay on.

grantquick @metrolosangeles this Blue line ride makes me never want to ride again. I might pass out from the smell. Does no one check fares anymore?

4foot13lori @metrolosangeles it better not take me two hours to get home..again. the 780 bus already is a no show for 7:05.

Snacob95 @metrolosangeles your website is funky. can’t get red line time tables.

SimonOh Sitting on @metrolosangeles Blue Line train holding at Anaheim Station due to debris in tracks, per the operator. It’s been 10 minutes now.

4foot13lori @metrolosangeles where’s my 704 bus? and why was the 4 ten minutes early?! and 2 mta workers take 4 seats. nice job.

MaryKnabben After being left by the bus, the next one is late!

Kythera Got to Slauson/Alviso @ 9:10am, next 108 didn’t get to Culver City Transit Ctr until 9:45. What’s wrong with this picture, @metrolosangeles?

seanivore Cool. Apparently looking at your phone while waiting for a bus is reason enough for the driver to not stop for me. @metrolosangeles


ToffeeTurtles I love @metrolosangeles! It makes keeping our co. as sustainable as possible, possible! I take the bus to demo @WholeFoods3rdSt & @WFMWeho.

anamu Omg, love the 5:30 260 bus driver. Happily talks about the sunset, reminds us to buy the lotto, & wishes us fab evenings@metrolosangeles

plusMETRO Gas prices soaring, yet thanks to @metrolosangeles, I don’t have to worry. #GoMetro

MartinLewis The @metrolosangeles online trip planner is awesome! Well designed.

intellichick I’m a @metrolosangeles passholder: Every time gas prices go up, I shrug and say “Meh.”

NeelSodha On the bus #winning #tigerblood #metrolosangeles

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iMstislav @metrolosangeles We should be at Full Speed Ahead…make Metro LA an icon and a beacon to the rest of the world.

pjfurlong @metrolosangeles I want to ride the bus! But I can never find parking at the Imperial and Aviation park and ride! Help please!

grantquick @metrolosangeles is there another twitter account I can follow for blue line updates? 25min wait on the platform @ willow, with no tweets!!!

drz909 @metrolosangeles quick suggestion i think you guys should have my profession fighting squirrel league has entertainment for your passengers


eileenlee Totally just realized yesterday walking around Ktown that the @metrolosangeles 710 bus would have taken me all the way to @SBGalleria

MatthewKlekner Hitting up @AngelCityBeer event as I @metrolosangeles back to #DTLA.

cindymariej Took the @metrolosangeles here #irony (@ Hollywood DMV Office)

Nelstar I must look like a crazy person on the @metrolosangeles bus.. I just changed my seat 4 times between stops to get comfortable. #CRAZY

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