Transportation headlines, Monday, March 7

Here is a look at some of the transportation headlines gathered by us and the Metro Library. The full list of headlines is posted on the library’s blog.

For electric car owners, a way to share juice (New York Times Green blog)

A new app called PlugShare would help electric car owners find homeowners willing to let them plug in and recharge their vehicles. The firm that came up with the app says it will mostly help electric vehicle owners in a pinch for some juice.

Fact-checking Florida’s high-speed rail debate (PolitiFact Florida)

Statements from elected officials on both sides of the debate over a Tampa-Orlando line are often only half-correct, barely correct or outright false. Hmm. This is a fun read.

Should Expo Line’s Westwood station have parking (L.A. Streetsblog)

A good look at a still unresolved issue involving the Expo Line Phase 2 stop on Westwood Boulevard, which is just a short walk to the busy intersection of Westwood and Pico boulevards. On one hand, no parking would still allow for a dropoff area, as well as open space that could be used in a variety of ways. If there is parking, there’s room for 170 spaces. Any thoughts from readers on this? Please leave a comment.

Arroyo Seco Parkway turns 70 (Primary Resources)

In case you missed it, here’s a good look by the Metro library’s blog at the history of the Parkway, which opened in 1941 and put a lot of people back to work. The library dug up a lot of photos and illustrations of the Parkway, now better known as the Pasadena Freeway. Excerpt:”The six-lane, six-mile long highway was designed for 27,000 automobiles a day. These days, it carries more than 122,000 cars daily.”

Best transit agency list includes Metro (U.S. News)

Metro was ranked 7th in the country based on the magazine’s formula that took into account spending on transit, safety and ridership. Other cities making the top 10 were Portland, New York, San Francisco and Honolulu. Of course, U.S. News’ rankings of different things have also been criticized–the New Yorker recently devoted a story to ripping it’s annual college rankings, which it found to be very subjective.

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  1. I thought the whole reason to build Expo to reduce the traffic congestion in WLA. Building parking LA seems like contradictory statement. Land is expensive in WLA, any money that is used to build parking lot would take money away from other budget such as local bus connection.
    Of course, if the local bus connection is terrible (which I predict it will), the parking lot is needed to encourage people to take Expo. Then here comes the interesting point, if people have to drive to Expo station, they will not use the public transportation to reach places that are not closed by the rails
    Way to go Steve to even suggest this stupid idea