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supermonkeymag @metrolosangeles, what can b done about harbor fway station? it’s real noisy, urine stains, bird droppings, not enough lighting, unfriendly!

PBunches Remember that list of four things I usually smell on @metrolosangeles trains or buses… Add one more: smelly shoes/feet. *covering nose*

Curtypants LA’s subway system (@metrolosangeles) is a total joke. Pay for xfer’s?! & last train out cancelled after letting us buy tickets. Sweet. Thx!

Juan_Matute There are 9 @metrolosangeles 720s and 3 BBB 2s bunched between Bundy and Barrington. This indicates a bus only lane time savings of 30+ min


joyfulxsigh friend’s commute schedule is delayed by the rain-traffic. my commute on @metrolosangeles is not only the same but I’m home earlier! woot!

ErinGoBORO I lucked out, my car is on top a downhill slope where I don’t have to move – all about @metrolosangeles this wknd!

kristencreag Taking @metrolosangeles to work on this cold morning, trying to treat LA as a city 🙂

cindymariej Wow. Waiting for a bus and ran into an old friend from WAY back who I’d lost touch with. Go @metrolosangeles #loveLA

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sethcaskey Dear @metrolosangeles, Canceling the 920. Really? #besmarter

eellikealocal @metrolosangeles the 240 line was an hour late! run the rapid until 10pm! that would help

stevelandharris Wrote an impressive comment to KPCC on how to improve @metrolosangeles Blue Line safety http://bit.ly/eWyhre

supermonkeymag Is it possible for @metrolosangeles to coordinate Silverline/Greenline arrivals, They both arrive the same time, missing connections always

SabrinaDeep @metrolosangeles we need cabs in LA!


cookiebandit Driver on empty @metrolosangeles 720 bus opens back two doors but not front door. What’s up with that?

plusMETRO Inside News: #Starbucks set to open in the Los Angeles Union Station next month. #MetroLosAngeles

synonympho Got 1/3 o’ the way home via @metrolosangeles when I remembered I’d driven my car today! *le sigh* #smoghead

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