Transportation headlines, Friday, Feb. 25

Here is a look at some of the transportation headlines gathered by us and the Metro Library. The full list of headlines is posted on the library’s blog.

Awkward! Subway complicates Beverly Hills Council meeting (Curbed LA)

A blow-by-blow of a discussion involving the subway’s route through Beverly Hills and the efforts of city officials to work with Metro.

A call to slow down high-speed rail in California (NPR)

This segment focuses on the town of Corcoran in the San Joaquin Valley along the proposed route. The locals there have mixed views of the project — there are concerns about noise and financial viability — and many of those concerns are echoed at higher levels in the state.

Is gasoline cheaper than water? (DC Streetsblog)

It’s not exactly news that gasoline in the U.S. is cheaper than in many other countries, but Streetsblog also points out that gasoline — due to low taxes — can be cheaper than bottled water. Experts argue that low gas taxes promote waste, dependence on cars and discourage the U.S. from making investments in transit.

Primer on federal transportation bill (Pew Center for Climate Change)

If you want to geek out on transportation policy, this 10-page pdf provides a pretty good overview of the issues. Keep in mind the next big federal transpo bill has the potential to speed up construction of Measure R projects — if it includes language expanding loan and bond programs that transit agencies can use to get the up-front cash needed to build the projects.