Renderings of potential development at Rosa Parks/Willowbrook station

The Metro Board of Directors on Thursday approved a motion by Board Members Mark Ridley-Thomas and Diane Dubois to continue to develop a master plan for development at the Rosa Parks/Willlowbrook Blue Line station. The motion is posted after the jump.

Here are renderings of what potential development may look like.

Motion by Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas
Metro Operations Committee
February 17, 2011

Rosa Parks/Willowbrook Station: Metro Station Master Plan and
Transit Oriented District

Metro recently completed the Rosa Parks/Willowbrook Station Master Plan,
funded through a Caltrans Community-Based Transportation Planning Grant.
The Master Plan recommends specific improvements for the Station and sets
goals for developing the surrounding area as a Transit Oriented District.

Implementation of the Master Plan will help improve transportation services in
areas served by the Station and facilitate appropriate transit oriented
development. The Master Plan proposes a series of desired outcomes including
station improvements, design standards to create a cohesive pedestrian
environment, and enhanced linkages to the Martin Luther King Jr. Hospital and
educational resources located in the Willowbrook community.

The Rosa Parks/Willowbrook Station is one of the key stations in Metro’s rail
system, serving as the junction for the Metro Blue and Metro Green Lines. It is
also one of the most heavily used transit assets in the entire system as over
16,500 people board and 14,500 disembark at the Rosa Parks Station each
weekday from the Blue Line, Green Line and a variety of bus lines. Formal
adoption of the Rosa Parks/Willowbrook Metro Station Master Plan and Transit
Oriented District will encourage the development of appropriate land use
standards and help attract the investment needed to create a sustainable transit
station area.


1. The Metro Board adopt the Rosa Parks/Willowbrook Metro Station Master
Plan and Transit Oriented District as the guiding document for the Station.

2. Direct staff to report back to the Board, no later than 60 days, with a
proposed implementation and funding plan to achieve the improvements
outlined in the Station Master Plan and Transit Oriented District.

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13 replies

  1. I love the idea. Security issues are big in the area. Willowbrook must again be put in the map!

  2. First off I’d like to commend those who put together a plan to address this neglected region of the Metro Rail network. Finally the Blue Line receives some attention where it’s most needed, its second biggest transfer point. Rosa Parks. I like the streamlined name and what the grand vision of this plan is, but I hope that access to the Blue Line station is also improved (as in it should be overall more visible rather than hidden) as is the dark setting on the station platform under the bridge as well as the possibly providing a barrier from the deafening sound of highway traffic on the Green Line platform. This could become a destination in its own right rather than a sketchy transfer point.
    Also having walked Wilmington Blvd a distance from this station it wouldn’t hurt to have the rubbish picked up in the adjacent areas of the station and maybe making other use of the Park and Ride lots that go unused for the large part at may Blue Line stations, they could be parks or community gardens instead of underutilized asphalt (at least a reduction could be considered.)

  3. I think its a great idea. It would be so nice to be able to actuly shop there. Without feeling that your deep in the hood.

  4. Yeah I gotta say, not bad considering the freeway. Although I do agree that the blue line should be more obvious. Key thing to remember in terms of the cars is that it is still in a part of Los Angeles with suburban elements to it. So some people still always going to park and ride and they are still an important part of Metrorail’s usage. So accommodating that is not so bad, just so long as its not the primary design feature of the whole station development.

  5. I like “Rosa Parks/Willowbrook” for the station name. It is short and sweet. And it includes the commemorative name (“Rosa Parks”) and the neighborhood name (“Willowbrook”).

    “Imperial/Wilmington” is too much detail for the name of this station. Most people transfer here, so they don’t need to know the cross-streets.

  6. So, now its going to be the “Imperial / Wilmington – Rosa Parks – Willowbrook – Green Line – Blue line transfer” station?? That’s a lot of names. How about we stick with “Rosa Parks”, and drop the other names.

    I love the idea of better development around the station, but it would be nice to see a more pedestrian-oriented design. I see a huge, 4-story, block-sized parking structure, a big bus turn-around, and a wide, unfriendly street (Wilmington).

    Seriously, who will drive and park at this station? Why not plan to build some residential apartments in that space, instead of a huge subsidized parking garage?

  7. Since the station is a terminus point for many bus routes, a loop is required for them to layover and turnaround. I don’t see anything about how the Blue Line platform will be improved. Currently the Blue Line platform is incredibly dark and gloomy due to its location under the freeway. How about some greatly improved lighting?

  8. this is pretty cool considering how close to the freeway it is, and especially compared to what’s there now.

    the biggest problem is going to be bringing the Blue Line into the picture.
    but, I’m thinking there’s a level of the Green Line station which is below the Century Freeway but above the Blue Line (street level).

    It ought to be possible to use the Green Line entrance to get to the Blue Line. Going up and over to literally bridge the gap, and walk down to the Blue Line platform.

  9. Likes: lots of public gathering space and inclusion of vegetation

    Suggestions: the Blue Line seems hidden by the large building. Make the train a more focal portion of the development, or at least more visible. Don’t let cars/buses go in the loop — that should be a public plaza. The buses could utilize stops on the islands of the road or traditional curbside stops (both would be improvements over the loop).

    I would love to see something like this built.

  10. I can see it – look for the onramp and the rest will folllow. This is a great idea – i wish they could get it done in the next two years the current area is sad and miserable. Add a sound wall to the green line station and it’s a #WIN!

  11. Wow..look at how much road space and cars occupy that area! Imagine, the amount of people on all those cars and roads probably do not equal the number of people on board that train. Unbelievable amount of open space dedicated to the car…unbelievable…

  12. I find it most difficult to figure our where the actual entrance – elevators/steps/escalators – will be located to access the Blue Line light rail in the first two drawings.

    I see the 4 artistic ovals and also the sign Willowbrook, however no easily visible M – Metro station signage.
    Will future renderings position the station entrance in relation to the overall plan renderings?