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unido1931 40min late to work! Thank u @metrolosangeles but no thank u! Much work still needs 2 b done 2 LA’s transportation 2 b taken serious!

reedmichaelsen @metrolosangeles Why on earth does every other SB 754 rapid on Vermont stop at Manchester, instead of the green line?! Makes no sense.

supermonkeymag 37th street station on the @metrolosangeles #silverline has to be the most un-used station in metro history, what a waste of metro funds!

CarlessValGirl This driver is driving all of 20 mph. I am so steamed. #metrolosangeles

thelittlefella @metrolosangeles There is a lot of redundancy in Metro’s bus lines. On-time is difficult with lines that span the region i.e. 460.

Waltarrrrr Thinks @MetroLosAngeles should offer crackers to go with all us sardines packed into 720 Bus.


thelittlefella Just got off a train full of 3rd graders. Free transit for field trips is one of @metrolosangeles best programs.

ThunderTheft 3 cheers for @metrolosangeles for keeping me updated on the Blue Line delays this AM!! How did people navigate PT pre-Twitter? I shudder.

ThunderTheft @metrolosangeles have I ever told you how much I appreciate your updates? You guys are the best!!!!

supermonkeymag Caught @metrolink to burbank station, @metrolosangeles 164/1650 to @ikea, home delivery $44, metro bus 94 to #purpleline home #win

DaftElf @metrolosangeles #WhyIRide http://twitpic.com/41879c

tombleich @metrolosangeles I lost my wallet on the bus last wk. Just got it back via mail. A great person mailed it back anonymously. Bus riders rock!

stevelandharris @ExpoLine @metrolosangeles This will have to be the most beautiful scene in LA transit until trains are running on those tracks

kristencreag Taking @metrolosangeles today for a stress free friday…plus radiohead+intelligensia!

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cookiebandit @metrolosangeles – if u r going to have an announcement at the subway station, make sure the person doesnt mumble.

markvalli @metrolosangeles it would be nice to be able to buy a day pass when boarding a bus without needing a tap card

NeelSodha Attn: Long Beach! Give the Metro Blue Line signal priority! Move people! #metrolosangeles #longbeach

crzblue @metrolosangeles Could the Silver Line run more often during the 6AM hour? The lines are long in the morning.


JeffDMartinez Helping @MaggieMcGurn test her new route to work on the @metrolosangeles

Nelstar Twice in a few days another schizophrenic passenger on the @metrolosangeles bus sat behind me and he proceeds to keep hitting my seat back.

joebodolai @metrolosangeles Hey riders of the 16 Bus on 3rd Street: Video of an amazing driver — are you in it? http://tiny.cc/qxrlm

Nelstar Ah the @metrolosangeles bus system.. On the 704 home. A schizophrenic passenger sat next to me and told me how the devil was in the wheels.

derekpowell @metrolosangeles Red Line to Orange Line=utterly seamless. Orange Line to 234? interminable wait

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  1. “markvalli @metrolosangeles it would be nice to be able to buy a day pass when boarding a bus without needing a tap card”