Transportation headlines, Friday, Feb. 18

Here is a look at some of the transportation headlines gathered by us and the Metro Library. The full list of headlines is posted on the library’s blog.

California: Florida’s HSR loss could be our gain (Transportation Nation)

Florida’s decision to reject $2.4 billion for high speed rail has Transportation Nation pondering this irony of high speed rail funding: “the more states reject high-speed rail because of perceived political and financial risk, the better the chance that the systems that do get funded will have the resources to avoid those problems.” The California High Speed Rail Authority is currently in discussions with the Federal Rail Administration about the possibility of attaining the funds Florida rejected.

Debate erupts as Metro begins study of another option for Beverly Hills/Century City subway stop (Streetsblog LA)

The announcement that Metro will be studying a different location for the Westside subway’s Beverly Hills/Century City stop caused a stir of controversy on The Source and elsewhere. Streetsblog speculates whether the decision was made out of fear of litigation, although Metro staff maintain that they are simply exploring all available options. Streetsblog correctly notes that in the end the decision is in the hands of the Metro Board of Directors.

Home buyers are moving closer to public transit (Marketplace)

Marketplace takes a look at how proximity to transit has become a boon for home values in transit cities across the nation – homes near transit in cities like New York, San Francisco and Washington DC command a 40 to 200 percent premium. On the other side of the coin, suburban home values have dropped by 60%.