Florida Governor rejects federal high-speed rail funds

Gov. Rick Scott said on Wednesday that he’s turning down $2 billion in federal funding for a high-speed rail project between Tampa and Orlando because he didn’t feel it was a sound investment of taxpayer money.

Here’s the story from the St. Petersburg Times.

It doesn’t sound like the news is being well received in all quarters in Florida. When governors in Ohio and Wisconsin rejected high-speed rail money last year, several hundred million dollars was awarded to California for our project here that initially seeks to link Anaheim and San Francisco.

We’ll see if that happens again.

5 replies

  1. Thats what Flrodia gets for voting for the republican governor Rick Scott. As for Ohio and Wisconsin, oh well for them as well.

    As for Cailfornia you better have hope for it.

  2. There aren’t that many other HSR projects left, so California is certain to get a large share of this money.

    Hurray for all these anti-rail Republican governors. They’re the one force that is making sure California actually has the money to build its high speed rail.