Exploratory drilling work to test soil begins for Crenshaw/LAX transit corridor project

Over the next two months, contractors will be doing some exploratory drilling to collect soil samples as a part of the preliminary engineering for the Crenshaw/LAX Line. Soil samples are needed to assess subsurface conditions in order to design trackway, station structure and tunnels for the project.

This work schedule is:

• February 14th to 28th, Median of Crenshaw Boulevard between Rodeo Road and West 39th Street;

• March 1st to 31st, Median of Crenshaw Boulevard between West 39th Street and Slauson Avenue

• March 14th to April 30th, Median of Crenshaw Boulevard between Slauson Avenue to West 67th Street.

Work will occur during daytime hours, and has received all necessary permits. An ongoing outreach effort is underway to ensure that those closest to the drilling locations are informed when the work is coming to their area.

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