The art of transit, Chicago blizzard edition

photo by Pavel Trebukov, via Flickr

Even by Chicago standards, the blizzard that struck yesterday was a big one — the third snowiest on record, which brought the city to a stand still. The above photo was taken on Chicago’s Northside at the intersection of Sheridan and Thorndale and the photo below at Sheridan and Foster. For more storm-meets-transit photos, here’s a link to the Chicago Transit Authority’s Flickr page and here’s a terrific photo gallery on the Chicago Tribune website.

Also, the New York Times ran an entertaining story — if entertaining is the right word — about those stuck in their cars on Lake Shore Drive for up to 12 hours. For those not familiar with Chicago, Lake Shore Drive is not exactly the wilderness — it runs next to Lake Michigan through downtown Chicago and is mostly just a block or two from very dense neighborhoods.

photo by Jeremy Atherton, via his Flickr photostream

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