Something to “Like”: California High-Speed Rail revamps Facebook page

California High Speed Rail Facebook ScreenshotThe California High-Speed Rail Authority has updated their Facebook page and want you to join the conversation:

Our Facebook page is proving to be a good place to hear the latest news, talk about the project, share your thoughts and get your questions answered. We hope you’ll join us there and encourage your own Facebook friends to do the same.

The more voices we have in this conversation, the better this project will meet California’s need for a low-cost, clean, fast and convenient way to travel. Join us today!

A quick recap on California’s plans for high speed rail: the initial leg is planned for San Francisco to Anaheim and will eventually reach as far south as San Diego and north to Sacramento – linking the state’s major cities with trains capable of speeds of up to 220 mph.

Also worth following: the Authority’s Twitter and Flickr pages.