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Unresolved Tweet of the Year is finally resolved(!):

Kythera HAPPY ENDING! The dead sparrows at LAX have been taken care of! I hope the trapped one from this morning escaped alive… #metrolosangeles

Complaints and criticism:

MaryKnabben @metrolosangeles disappoints one more time!!!! The bus didn’t show up on time and then within 5 min it breaks down!!! GREAT SERVICE!!!!

thelittlefella On a crazy gold line train that stops every few feet for the past 3 stations. Hoping I don’t get stranded by @metrolosangeles.

JR092 @metrolosangeles why do you guys make so difficult to get a reduced tap card for college students?

thephotologue @metrolosangeles Waiting at 7th St. at CSULB for Line 577 heading to downtown LB at 11:49 am and it sped right past me. Not cool at all 🙁

Kythera The 108 which was supposed to get to Fox Hills Mall at 9:36am rolled up at almost 9:50. #notamused #metrolosangeles

Gatoona Hey @Metrolosangeles, most of your bus drivers don’t know about the new cash value TAP system, and some machines can’t validate them.

koffiekommie @metrolosangeles I’m tired off all these bus detours on the Blue Line! When is the Expo Line (train to nowhere) going to be completed?!?

smrtmnky @metrolosangeles 8217 EB 117 driver was being belligerent w/passenger and then stopped veh. Would not continue or allow us to get off

thatwordgrrl @metrolosangeles Why is the stored value system not fully in place now? This is why LA public transportation is so broken.

adamlarue @metrolosangeles You need to tell your #blueline drivers to be ready at the depot when it’s time for a switch. We waited ten minutes. #fail

Kudos and Compliments:

jonthelam This is good. Catching back to back @metrolosangeles buses (217/222). I should be home in no time.

cavallin Took @metrolosangeles greenline for 1st time- beats the 105 any day!

shadowkatie Thanks @metrolosangeles for the TAP cards in the ticket machines @ H’wood/H’land! After 19 months of daily riding, I now have a TAP card!

Observations in transit and some good ideas, after the jump.

Observations in transit:

SanMarinoPatch Local mom takes Metro with daughter and avoids the usual grind: http://patch.com/A-dFBD @metrolosangeles

rke21 the #metrolosangeles green line bcomes more like the blue line in the late hours. dude is selling dvd’s here. do people still use dvd’s?

hucktheDrummer takin’ @metrolosangeles to @RenHollywood Sunday Jazz Brunch with #EdShaughnessy It’s a good day for #jazz!

witheaa Just got off #metrolosangeles Gold Line. Now I’m walking to the movies. It’s such a lovely night.

Good ideas:

emiglio @WestsideSubway Don’t forgot to toss in some turnstiles that actually serve a purpose besides getting in the way of my bike #metrolosangeles

RedEbbm Back off to the subway. #metrolosangeles needs to get cell service down there soon. BART has had it for years.

RedEbbm #metrolosangeles finally got the schedule screens working at gold line stations. Now where is nextbus? Hope it gets implemented soon.

ieko1224 @metrolosangeles Should probably update automated announcements on trains to include Siilver Line connections.

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