Dining on dumplings and other Chinese New Year traditions

Okay, we know enough to eat long noodles for Chinese New Year to promote long life, to dine on dumplings or sticky rice for prosperity and to give children red envelopes of money for good luck. But where do we go in L.A. for good Chinese food during Chinese New year, which begins Thursday?

If you’re on Metro the choices are vast since the Gold Line stops in Chinatown.  Admittedly, Empress Pavilion in Chinatown (988 N. Hill St.) is well known but also well liked. The nearby Plum Tree (913 N. Broadway) can have long lines during the holiday, although it’s worth the wait. Or for a twist on Chinese and a somewhat more elegant experience, take the Gold Line to Yujean Kang’s in Pasadena (67 N. Raymond Ave.), a short walk from Memorial Park Station.

Any other ideas? Let us know via email or by form and we’ll post them here and on our Dining Map.

And don’t forget that Chinatown’s New Year Festivities are easily reached by the Gold Line on the weekends of Feb. 5 and 12. The Golden Dragon Parade alone is worth the trip this Saturday, Feb. 5. For more information go to the parade website.

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