Los Angeles Times reviews L.A.’s other car — a Metro Bus

Online at latimes.com: A crash-less course in driving MTA’s new natural gas bus

A million or so boardings on an average weekday translates to a lot of people whose other car is a Metro bus. Maybe that’s why Los Angeles Times auto critic David Undercoffler wanted to take the newest member of Metro’s clean-air fleet for a test drive.

“I’ve driven $250,000 luxury sedans around racetracks, one-off prototype vehicles that won’t hit the market for years and ultra-rare carbon-fiber-bodied sports cars. But nothing matches the experience of driving a 16-ton bus around a training course and then slamming on the brakes, turning the instructor standing behind your seat from a patient, brave man to a human-shaped projectile wearing a sweater vest,” says Undercoffler in a featured review published online today in the Business Section at latimes.com.

The very nicely produced video by Tim French and Jeff Amlotte is just as good as being there. Enjoy the ride.

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