Transportation headlines, Thursday, Jan. 27

Here is a look at some of the transportation headlines gathered by us and the Metro Library. The full list of headlines is posted on the library’s blog.

Sean Martin – Taking over L.A. on two wheels (I Am Los Angeles)

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Sean Martin is an L.A. cyclist and blogger who wants to normalize cycling in the city. His observations from behind the handle bars paint the city as a place ruled by cars but he concludes that, despite the challenges, L.A. is also a cycling city.

California Gov. Jerry Brown defends cutting redevelopment agencies (L.A. Times)

Big city mayors from across the state met in Sacramento with Gov. Jerry Brown – and let him know they’re not keen on his budget cutting plan that includes axing redevelopment agencies. The governor says that voters are on his side and that since cuts have to be made, it’s better to cut redevelopment than public safety or education. Some mayors pointed out that some of Brown’s previous accomplishments were redevelopment projects – and that his current residence is also the product of redevelopment.

We need trains to ‘win the future’—so get over that deficit hysteria (Grist)

Grist notes that despite Obama’s inspiring words about American high-speed rail in his State of the Union address, there’s a disconnect between the rhetoric and the reality of funding the project. The article then goes on to quote the words of historian Tony Judt who believed rail is one of the aspects of modern life that is truly timeless – but it requires a public investment to survive.