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And when it comes to complaints, the best way to get them addressed is to use the Customer Comment Form on Metro.net. There you can provide all the detail needed so that customer service reps may best address your problems.


kenyaw Now that my commute to #Compton has ended I will miss @metrolosangeles & #BlueLine Thanks for the rides from #LB!http://plixi.com/p/72264438

Complaints and criticism:

MrGilpin The silver line always seems to take FOREVER @metrolosangeles

HecAndrade On the @metrolosangeles 550 and just spotted TWO roaches. Great!

igetrad yeah, it’s not like I had a choice RT @TransitTVLA: @igetrad Thanks for watching! Woohoo #Metrolosangeles

tykejohnson @metrolosangeles lol @tapreadycard . foolishly thought #metro was implementing a logical debit tap fare card. went to site, let down. #fail

DaftElf @metrolosangeles :: Can Blue Line drivers @ 7th/metro tell Red Line is unloading? Always leaving w/ empty seats & people running up stairs.

PBunches No word on why the 720 bus is on detour on either @metrolosangeles or on metro.net but you should expect delays.

HecAndrade Where’s the @metrolosangeles 550? Oh, nowhere to be found. Surprise.

tykejohnson @metrolosangeles “we’re 2 minutes ahead of schedule. Gotta wait.” Can we please all stop the lie that busses run on ANY timetables. #metro

Kudos and Compliments:

soulbarn HUZZAH! @metrolosangeles finally institutes cash-value TAP cards. Now, let’s get NY-style bulk ride discounts.

thelittlefella Hallelujah! @metrolosangeles: Ticket machines that sell TAP cards and stored value coming to Metro Rail station near you.

mysocalledtweet I have to find another excuse to take Metro often. I wanna tap, tap, TAP too!

the_anty Finally! RT @metrolosangeles: Ticket machines that sell TAP cards/stored value coming to Metro Rail station near you.

alloutattack @metrolosangeles Adding “stored value” to my TAP card was fast & strangely satisfying. However SV term is too clunky for a service roll out.

Observations in transit and a few good ideas, after the jump.

Observations in transit:

sallywasmyride Oh @metrolosangeles how I missed your ever changing display of the crazies!

kenyaw O/H on @metrolosangeles #Greenline a woman on cell says moving to #Longbeach w/ #BlueLine + #DTLB free buses saves time & $ on commute

cindymariej I don’t know what the heck is up with @metrolosangeles Directions, but google maps is way easier. #BeverlyBlvdNotBeverlyGardens

sallywasmyride Early day on @metrolosangeles. The moon is still out. First day of the rest of my life.

Good ideas:

RedEbbm I want to start a campaign to get @metrolink to use TAP now that it’s getting good use on #metrolosangeles Good idea?

ieko1224 @metrolosangeles make use of Silver Line brand, cut 445, extend some SL trips to Pedro. Then people will know about Carson & PCH stations!

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