Metrolink offers 'Two for One' special on MLK Day; Metro keeps to regular schedule

Metrolink will keep normal schedules for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day on Monday, but with a special offer to bring a friend along for free.

Metrolink ticket-holders are invited to bring one guest to ride for free on Metrolink trains. This first-of-its-kind promotion allows customers who have a valid one-way, round-trip, 10-trip or monthly pass to have one guest join them for free. The two individuals must ride together. This promotion is offered exclusively on Metrolink trains and does not apply to transfers on LA Metro, OCTA or any other transportation providers.

Metro will operate on the regular weekday schedule during the Monday holiday.

Here’s the news release: 

All Metro-operated buses and Metro Rail trains will operate on a regular schedule on Martin Luther King Jr. Day on Monday. For route and schedule information, go to or call GO.METRO (323.466.3876).

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  1. Metrolink should be applauded for their efforts to offer discount fares and specials in the past few months.

    During Thanksgiving they offered day passes for $8 a piece. During late Dec and the first three days of the New Year, they offered $10 day passes. Under those promotions you had to go to an external site and print out your tickets, which made it more of a hassle.

    This promotion is the best one yet. No hoops to jump through. Just buy your ticket and bring someone along. You have the full weekday schedule to take advantage of. If you have the day off, it’s the perfect time to visit LA or San Juan Capistrano or something.

    Only problem is that if you have to take advantage of connecting transit, your guest will have to pay their own way. But that’s fine.