Metro staff explains proposed bus changes and alternative service

Metro staff earlier this month proposed changes — including some cuts — to bus service that would take effect in June. Many readers of The Source and other blogs have understandably raised questions about their future commutes.

I urge anyone who has questions to read this document posted on the Metro website that explains the rationale for many of the changes, along with alternative bus routes to bus lines that may be cut.

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3 replies

  1. The rationale for the changes just restates the canard that the 460 and 445 lines duplicate Silver Line service, “every 10 min rush hr”, which is true only if rush hour ends at 8 AM or 5 PM. This also requires at least one extra transfer for each patron (extra cost in time and money).

  2. Metro had a good thing going with the Metro Rapid system–fast and frequent. It’s very disappointing to see Mr. Leahy kill it with a thousand cuts. He gives the impression of just not caring very much.

    Instead of cutting lines, why not cut bus stops? Fewer stops = faster buses = greater efficiency = cost savings AND higher ridership.

  3. With all the lines being ELIMINATED, you’d think Metro would have enough money to START INVESTING IN NEWER BUSES! But more then likely, all these service cuts are just ways to force riders onto the light rail lines, so the MTA can put money into THOSE, and eventually eliminate buses all together!