ExpressLanes project picks contractor

Here’s the news from Metro CEO Art Leahy’s daily email to staff:

Today, a major milestone was reached with the ExpressLanes Project with the issuance of the Notice to Proceed to Atkinson Contractors, LP. The Contractor was competitively selected to design-build-operate-and–maintain (DBOM) the ExpressLanes Demonstration Project. The Atkinson team includes AECOM for design and ACS Inc for tolling integration. This is the first DBOM contract in the history of the agency.

We have established and the Contractor has made a commitment to a Contract Goal for the participation of Underutilized Disadvantaged Business Enterprise firms of 16.2% of the total contract price.

The ExpressLanes project is converting the existing carpool lanes on parts of the 10 and 110 freeways to HOT lanes in which variable tolls will be used to improve speeds and allow single-occupant motorists to buy time in the lanes. People who currently carpool, vanpool or take buses that use the existing carpool lanes will continue to do so for free. More details are on the project’s website.

2 replies

  1. Boy oh boy, when the current HOV lane users find out that they will need a transponder and an account to use the lanes they currently use just by having the extra one or two riders (depending on time of day) the you-know-what is gonna hit the fan, Steve!