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kenyaw The new pedestrian detour @metrolosangeles #Compton sta is not cool. Have to walk 1500' around construction.

kenyaw The new pedestrian detour @metrolosangeles #Compton sta is not cool. Have to walk 1500′ around construction. http://plixi.com/p/69330323

Complaints and criticism:

Kythera Got to Slauson/Alviso at 9:05am. 9:20am now, and still no 108. Yep, it’s Monday… #metrolosangeles

MissGwenn @metrolosangeles I don’t understand TAP card! Need to get one for me and my 8 year old but last night it chargd $75 good to the 31st of Jan?

koffiekommie Another power outage @metrolosangeles, REALLY!?

smrtmnky @metrolosangeles your NB 212 routes are in severe need of review. I have been at Prairie/Century since 5:40PM

HecAndrade Bought a monthly TAP card to ride @metrolosangeles buses w/o having to carry change. STILL have to pay xtra for “express” lines.

Observations in transit plus a few good ideas, after the jump.

Observations in transit:

hnjohnso Just ran two blocks to catch @metrolosangeles 204. Not impressive until you factor in my cheap plastic flip-flops. Ouch.

emiglio Also I’m glad I’m not the only dudeonabike that takes the 4 through echo park #metrolosangeles #lazy #morebikeracks

justridingalong Whenever I hear the Crenshaw stop announcement on the @metrolosangeles Green line, I still think of Boyz In The Hood. Can you drive stick?

sallywasmyride I love see the snow covered peaks while on the blue line @metrolosangeles

Good ideas:

anyonebutgil #protip move past the line of people putting in cash on #metrolosangeles buses and just use your TAP card. word.

NathanUnbound @metrolosangeles Silver Line is a convenient way downtown until @ExpoLine opens… but it’d be nice if the bus stopped in Patsaouras Plaza.

3po1nt0 @metrolosangeles wishful thinking but how about a lower price for February metro/regional pass (in the future) bc there are 2-3 less days?

PaperPastries @metrolosangeles heres a vote for women only subway cars. I’m sick of being harassed for being a) a woman and b) alone

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  1. Move past the line to just TAP your card, unless the line of people with money are crowding the fare box (and you can’t get around), or if the driver tells the TAPpers to stop rushing and just wait. Yes, both happens.

  2. 1. You can load “zones” onto your tap card (as long as it’s a monthly pass) then you don’t need to carry extra change.

    2. I think it was decided that it would take way to long to enter and exit Patsaouras plaza for the Silver Line. It would be fine if that was a starting or stopping point but it isn’t.