Subway geotechnical work comes to Beverly Hills

Westside Subway Extension geotechnical testing in Beverly Hills.

With the holidays behind us and a temporary respite from the rain, geotechnical field testing for the Westside Subway Extension Project resumed today. Work this week is scheduled in Beverly Hills and consists of two types of seismic testing.

The photo above shows crews setting up a “Micro-Vib” box and sensors along Durant Drive near South Moreno Drive. The box vibrates the ground. The vibration waves are read by the sensors and recorded by seismograph equipment located in a nearby truck.  The box is then moved about two feet and the test is repeated. A larger “Mini-Vib” truck will also be used to generate a different type of wave. Crews will also conduct similar tests later this week along South Moreno Drive near Santa Monica Boulevard in Beverly Hills.

Metro contractors are testing soil along the entire alignment. In certain locations, Metro is also conducting seismic tests and noise and vibration tests.

Data gathered will be used to develop recommendations about how to construct the subway. As those following subway planning know, one of the remaining questions is the location of the Century City station (see previous Source post). The data gathered from these tests will also help develop recommendations about that station location and tunnel alignments in the area.

You can follow the latest work on the Westside Subway project web page. Click on “Field Work.” Or follow the project on Twitter and Facebook.

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  1. Perhaps a sign indicating that this work is part of the Metro safety program would be educational to the people in the surrounding area.

  2. It is remarkable how much science goes into building these things. Civil engineering and geological surveying are marriage made in heaven for projects like these.