Metro to hold six public hearings in February for proposed bus service changes

We posted yesterday about the new round of bus service changes proposed to take effect in June. Here’s the press release issued today by Metro — after the jump is a list of the proposed changes:

Metro will hold six public hearings beginning February 1 to receive community input on proposed bus service modifications to be implemented on June 26, 2011 or later in an effort to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of Metro bus service.

Included in the proposed changes are specific Metro Rail new Expo Line bus/rail interface changes that will be considered at the upcoming public hearings. The Expo bus/rail interface proposed changes will not be implemented until the Expo Line opens. A date has not been set but construction from downtown Los Angeles to Culver City is nearing completion.

The public can attend any of the following public hearings and comment on proposals of interest to them. The following are the public hearings scheduled during the month of February.

•February 1, 2011 – ( 5 p.m.) Metro Board Room, One Gateway Plaza, 3rd Floor, Los Angeles.

•February 2, 2011 – (6:30 p.m.) Marvin Braude Constituent Center, 6262 Van Nuys Blvd., Van Nuys

•February 9, 2011 – (5 p.m.) La Cienega Tennis Center, 325 South La Cienega Blvd., Beverly Hills.

•February 10, 2011 – (2 p.m.) Salt Lake Park-Community Center, 3401 East Florence Ave., Huntington Park.

•February 14, 2011 – (5 p.m.) El Monte City Hall East/Council Chambers, 11333 Valley Blvd., El Monte.

•February 17, 2011 – (6 p.m.) Carson Community Center, 801 East Carson Street, Carson.

The proposed service changes under consideration will help to optimize service levels to demand and will result in reducing wasteful and underutilized service. In nearly all cases where lines are proposed for elimination, they will be replaced by other Metro bus lines or by transit services within one-quarter mile of existing service.

In evaluating the proposed changes, Metro staff looked at the present-day bus system and took into account the multitude of problems the system is causing the agency and its customers. Those problems include too many bus lines with excessive service that has led to regular budget deficits over the years, deferred maintenance that has led to buses breaking down more often hurting the agency’s on-time performance goals, and poor adherence to schedules. Metro’s current roster of bus routes also are redundant and should be better integrated with rail service provided by Metro or buses run by the 16 municipal transit agencies in Los Angeles County.

The proposed changes are designed to comply with recommendations made by a Blue Ribbon Committee convened by Metro last year to improve regional transit services. The Committee’s recommendations were adopted by the Metro Board of Directors and include several key strategies. These include emphasizing better service quality over quantity, reducing duplication of services, more coordination with municipal and other transit operators, and better integrating rail and bus service.

Metro runs the second largest bus operation in the United States with more than 387.5 million passengers annually and buses running 1.46 billion miles a year. Metro’s base fare of $1.50 is lower than that of many transit agencies and fares for students, seniors, the disabled and Medicare recipients remain frozen at 2009 levels until mid-2013 due to the passage of Measure R by county voters. At present, Metro subsidizes about 71 percent of the cost of each passenger’s bus ride an amount higher than most other large transit agencies.

Interested members of the public are encouraged to attend the upcoming public hearings. Those who are unable to attend, may submit their written comments postmarked through mid-night February 17, 2011, the close of the public record. Comments can be mailed to Metro Customer Relations, Attn: June 2011 Service Changes, One Gateway Plaza, 99-PL-4, Los Angeles, CA 90012-2932.

Comments via e-mail should be addressed to: Attn: June 2011 Service Changes. Facsimiles should be addressed as above and sent to 213-922-6988.

Below is a list of the proposed bus service changes that may be approved in whole or in part at a date following the public hearings. Approved changes may also include other alternatives derived from public comment. Additional information is available at

Metro Westside/Central
2 Downtown Los Angeles – Pacific Palisades via Sunset Bl
Move downtown terminus to Union Station.

26 Hollywood – Compton – Artesia Transit Center via Avalon Bl
Discontinue service on Virgil Av and reallocate resources to enhance Lines 51/52/352.

209 Athens-Wilshire Center via Van Ness Ave & Arlington Av
Discontinue service.

217 Vermont/Sunset-Fairfax/Washington via Hollywood Bl & Fairfax Av
Discontinue service at Hollywood/Vine Metro Rail Station.

704 Downtown LA-Santa Monica via Santa Monica Bl
Discontinue service at Sunset Bl and Alvarado St.

757 Hollywood-Hawthorne via Western Av
Discontinue service and reallocate resources to augment Line 207 service.

Metro San Fernando Valley
96- Downtown LA-Sherman Oaks via Riverside Dr, LA Zoo
155-Universal City-Burbank Station via Riverside Dr, Alameda Av
Shorten Line 96 northern terminal at Burbank Station. Modify Line 155 route to replace canceled Line 96 segment between Burbank Station and Sherman Oaks. Service proposed to operate on Olive Av instead of Alameda Av in Media District and extended via Riverside Dr to Sherman Oaks.

183 Sherman Oaks-Glendale via Magnolia Bl
Proposal #1 – Simplify route in Burbank and Glendale; discontinue Kenneth Rd route segment and extend route via Colorado Bl in Glendale to Eagle Rock Plaza; discontinue segment to Glendale Station.

92- Downtown LA-Burbank Station via Glendale Av, Glenoaks Bl
183-Sherman Oaks-Glendale via Magnolia Bl
234- Sylmar Station – Sherman Oaks via Sepulveda Bl, Brand Bl
Proposal #2 – Discontinue Line 183 service. Extend Line 92 from Burbank Station over route of Line 183 to North Hollywood Station and terminate. Extend Line 234 east over Magnolia Bl from Sepulveda Bl. to North Hollywood Station and terminate. Through patrons on Magnolia east and west of North Hollywood Station will transfer between proposed Lines 92 and 234 extensions. Discontinue Kenneth Rd to Glendale Station route segment.

230- Sylmar Station – Studio City via Laurel Canyon Bl
634-Mission College – Sylmar Station via Hubbard Av/St
Combine Line 634 route with Line 230 to Mission College, eliminating a transfer. Line 634 will be cancelled.

94- Downtown LA-Sun Valley via San Fernando Rd
794-Downtown Los Angeles – Sylmar Station via San Fernando Rd Rapid
Discontinue weekend Line 794 service and improve Line 94 service from Line 794 resources. Extend Line 94 route to Sylmar Station on weekends.

Metro Gateway Cities
26 Hollywood-Compton-Artesia Transit Center via Avalon Bl
Discontinue service on Virgil Av and reallocate resources to enhance Lines 51/52/352.

254 Boyle Heights-103rd St Station via Lorena St & Boyle Av
Discontinue Saturday service.

460 Downtown LA–Disneyland via Harbor Transitway & I-105 Fwy.
Discontinue service from Downtown LA to Norwalk Green Line Station.

577 El Monte Station – Downtown Long Beach via I-605 Fwy
Move southern terminal to Long Beach VA Hospital.

611 Huntington Park Shuttle
Operate service hourly.

612 South Gate Shuttle
Operate service hourly.

760 Downtown LA–Artesia Station via Long Beach Bl.
Discontinue service south of Metro Green Line; Discontinue Sunday service and augment Line 60 service.

Metro San Gabriel Valley
71 Downtown Los Angeles – Cal State LA via Wabash Av & City Terrace Dr
Terminate weekday mid-day trips and all weekend trips at Cesar Chavez and Alameda St.

83 Downtown LA – Eagle Rock via York Bl – Pasadena Av
Move downtown terminus to Union Station.

176-Highland Park – El Monte Station via Mission St & Mission Dr
287- El Monte Station – The Shops at Montebello via Tyler Av & Rush St
Discontinue Line 176; Extend Line 287 from El Monte Terminal to Las Tunas and Mission Drs.

254 Boyle Heights – 103rd St Station via Lorena St & Boyle Av
Discontinue Saturday service.

258-Alhambra – Paramount via Fremont Av & Eastern Av
485-Altadena – Downtown LA via Lake Av. & El Monte Busway
Discontinue Line 485; Extend Line 258 route to Cal State LA via Hellman Av; extend north on Fremont Av to Huntington Dr to provide connections to Line 79.
487/489 El Monte – Downtown LA — Temple City – Downtown LA
Move western terminal to Figueroa/7th Sts.

577 El Monte Station – Downtown Long Beach via I-605 Fwy
Move southern terminal to Long Beach VA Hospital.

751 Cypress Park – Huntington Park via Soto St.
Discontinue Saturday service and reallocate resources to enhance Line 251 service.

Metro South Bay
209 Athens-Wilshire Center via Van Ness Av & Arlington Av
Discontinue service.

246 San Pedro-Artesia Transit Center via Pacific Av, Anaheim St., Avalon Bl.
Operate off-peak service hourly.

247 San Pedro-Artesia Transit Center via 7th St, Harbor Bl.
Discontinue service.

445 San Pedro-Union Station via Pacific Av, First St., Harbor Beacon Park Ride Lot Harbor Transitway
Discontinue service north of Artesia Transit Center and renumber as Line 545 with local fare; reallocate resources to Metro Silver Line.

450 Artesia Transit Center– Downtown LA via Harbor Transitway
Discontinue service and reallocate resources to Metro Silver Line.

757 Hollywood-Hawthorne via Western Av.
Discontinue service and enhance Line 207 service.

Expo Bus-Rail Interface Plan
30-Pico/Rimpau – Downtown Los Angeles-Indiana Station via Pico Bl & East 1st St
305- Westwood-Leimert Park-South LA-Willowbrook
550- San Pedro-West Hollywood via Harbor Transitway
Discontinue Line 305.
Line 550 will operate regular route from San Pedro, terminate at the Artesia Transit Center and be renumbered Line 350.
Select Line 30 and new Line 330 trips will be extended north/west from Pico/Rimpau terminal on San Vicente to West Hollywood.
Discontinue Line 730 service and replace with enhanced Line 30 service and with a new Line 330 Limited Stop service.

42 Downtown LA-LAX-South Bay Galleria via King-La Tijera–Hawthorne
Reroute to EXPO Western Station and discontinue service east of Western Av. To downtown LA.

102/200 102-Baldwin Village–South Gate via Coliseum St
200- Echo Park–Exposition Park via Alvarado St & Hoover St
Discontinue Line 102; extend select Line 200 trips over east Jefferson Bl to Vernon and Santa Fe Avs via route of Line 102.

217/439 217-Vermont/Sunset – Fairfax/Washington via Hollywood Bl & Fairfax Av
439-Culver City Transit Center – Downtown LA/Union Station
Cancel Line 439; extend select Line 217 trips over Line 439 route south of Fairfax/Washington Transit Hub, serving the EXPO La Cienega Station.

534 Washington/Fairfax via Pacific Coast Hwy
Modify route to serve the EXPO Culver City Station.

740 South Bay Galleria-Downtown LA via Hawthorne Bl, Crenshaw Bl & M.L. King Bl Reroute to EXPO Crenshaw Station and discontinue service east of Crenshaw Bl. to downtown LA.

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15 replies

  1. I would suggest a transit oriented project in Artesia Station, on the blue line. If you guys are cutting services, why not built transit oriented projects in places already have service! This is a good place, it is near new stores, the 91 freeway and 710 freeway, next to the blue line and near Los Angeles and Long Beach—near the job hubs.

  2. Mta says get out of your car and ride the bus, but yet you are cutting service that people would need to use. Then you say mta will be saving money by discontinuing a line or widening the headway but in reality thats paying overtime for the operators that running late due to wider headways and so there not saving money but paying for it somewhere else. Then on top of that the gas prices are rising and people will again turn to riding the bus to save gas, but where will the service be if its not there.

  3. The 704 needs to run late a night like the 720.

    Every Wednesday night when i get on the #4 bus at Bundy towards West Hollywood, it is standing room only. This corridor does not operate under traditional “rush hour” 9-5 workaday service. Late at night, there are working class people getting off work or going to their recreational destinations.

    At least bring back the articulated #4.

    There is no reason to force people to stand in a 40 foot bus that late at night when there are articulated buses available.

  4. I wonder if anybody here complaining about the service cuts actually rides those routes that are being cut. It’s not like bus riders are being left in the cold…there will be supplemental service provided. Also, with the new Expo Line coming online later this year, it will be faster for people to take trains between west LA to downtown instead of riding a bus like the 40.

  5. A Valley suggestion – change the 240 from Northridge to Universal City Red Line station to just Northridge to Ventura Blvd. Transfer to either the 150 or 750(weekdays only)if headed somewhere along Ventura Boulevard, or transfer at the Orange Line if you are going to Universal Red Line station, and extend frequency of service on the 150 line even more than the last modification of service, including weekends.

  6. What sense does it make to lump canceling 305 under “Expo Bus-Rail Interface Plan”?

    You are eliminating the only bus that currently runs from Rimpau terminal to Expo line. Shouldn’t a “Bus-Rail Interface Plan” beef up just such connection rather than canceling it?

    And how does getting #30 extended to West Hollywood help people access Expo line from Rimpau? If Metro is dead set on cutting 305 (it’s a long route with low ridership) then #30 needs to turn south from Rimpau to Expo, not north to West Hollywood. People don’t take buses on Pico Blvd to go to West Hollywood right now. What exactly does extending #30 to West Hollywood accomplish???

  7. LAofAnaheim

    I agree that state is responsible for short fall of budgetr
    MTA knows that. Then why is MTA is building projects
    What is good about fancy projects and then cut the service.

    How are people going to get Union station to take Expo/Wilshire subway. Isn’t rapid bus cheaper and more efficient

    Using Metrolink as supplement service is stupid

    those fat cats at MTA should use metrolink everyday in conjunction with bus/rail everyday, and see how it works

    Congratulation, people who desperate want high price project. They get. How people will take advantage of these high price subway without car and with great cut of service? I don’t know.

  8. What about raising fares? If you raised the base fare fifty cents and the monthly pass $10 you could cover a lot of this gap and not have to resort to cutting service. Metro should give riders a choice to pay more. If you look at the 450X, one of the lines that are getting cut, you see people passing up Silver Line buses just to wait for the 450X. Many of them are paying the $2.90 express fare instead of the $2.45 Silver Line fare or buying a two zone pass instead of a one zone pass and paying the quarter upcharge like many Silver Line riders. Cutting the 450X will just lead the choice riders to forget the bus and carpool or drive in.


  10. People complaining here need to be educated about how the state of CA has withheld over a $1 billion to public transit agencies nearly each year since Gray Davis was recalled, and thus service cuts are a necessary evil. People should take up the issue with the state instead of continuously blaming the MTA when dealt with such a small hand in revenues.

  11. to cancel the 460
    460 Downtown LA–Disneyland via Harbor Transitway & I-105 Fwy.
    Discontinue service from Downtown LA to Norwalk Green Line Station
    is wrong
    a majorly of tourist use this line from los angeles, and now they would not be able
    to take only one bus from los angeles to
    Disneyland and knots
    and have tourists try to take
    the blue line then green line then 460
    is wrong
    especially if you are unfamiliar with the transit system

  12. I like all the proposals. However, I would like it if the 71 is cancelled entirely. It takes over half-an-hour for a one-way trip when it only takes about twenty minutes on the 485 and other agencies running the same way. On the 70, it takes a few minutes less than the 71 to head to Cal State even though it doesn’t go directly inside.

    So, if these lines terminate at the new EXPO stations, will they be renumbered since lines 1-99 serve Downtown LA? I think they should and become 100-199 lines and 200-299 lines.

  13. Karen

    Thank you for your input. I am very angry. I pulled up with terrible service for past decades. For the past few years, I also pull up with MTA campaign about how nice their service they provided.

    Basically, MTA designed the system to make sure has to drive
    let’s lobby the congress
    1) lower the cost car to $2000
    2) lower gasoline price to less than $1 a gallon
    3) lower the insurance premium
    4) encourage the development of smart cars so handicap and seniors can drive cars



    let’s push the congress to have one to afford the own/maintain cars. I have enough with MTA arrogance and service

  14. What does “discontinue service at Hollywood/Vine Metro Rail Station” on line 217 mean? There will no longer be some buses that run a short line to that point? That the line will not run beyond it? That buses will not serve it?

    And “discontinue service at Sunset/Alvarado on Line 704? This will no longer be a Rapid Line stop? Or servive will not run towards downtown beyond that point?

  15. Sigh…have we even had a full month of the latest chops to service before the next round arrives?

    It is continually disturbing to see how Metro cuts service to the LAX area west of La Brea, and yet trumpets that it is accessible to the ridership! People. cannot. ride. the. busses. if. they. do. not. run.

    Since the days when Martin Ludlow was on the LA City Council, I have been asking why not connect LAX Transit Center via line 42 to the West LA Transit Center after midnight, and provide service and transfer opportunities to people on this side of La Cienega and Jefferson?? Now that you are about to launch the Expo line, this makes more sense than ever! If the trains are not running, the hourly busses going east can accommodate late-night riders.

    Metro’s financial woes continue to be dumped on the back of the ridership, and potential riders back away because of the shoddy service. Why can’t Metro see that?? I am one who uses public transit despite poor service and attitudinal/overburdened employees, and transit service in CA will *never* come close service in other states at the rate that Metro is going.

    Please think about it!