Happy last week of 2010

Good morning, Source readers. We’re going to post lightly in this last week of the year, but we’ll have a few humble offerings.

If you’re looking for an interesting transepo-related read this a.m., here’s the New York Times’ review of the long-awaited Chevy Volt. Consumers can plug the car into a socket at home and travel about 40 miles on an electric charge. But the Volt also boasts a 1.4-liter gasoline engine to extend the car’s range.

The NYT basically loves the car, saying it’s a nice glimpse of the future and drives great. And by most measures it will be cheaper to operate than a regular gasoline-powered vehicle because electricity in most places is less expensive than a fill-up. The NYT got the equivalent of more than 60 mpg — and the less fossil fuels burned, the lower the greenhouse gases emitted by the car.

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