Why You Ride: DJ, Downtown L.A.

Why You Ride (or Don’t Ride)‘ is a series where you, our faithful readers, share your transportation routines in L.A. and your thoughts on how to make things better – read more about the concept here.

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Who You Are:

Name: DJ
Occupation: Planner
Location: Downtown L.A.

Your Transit Routine:

How often do you take transit and for what purpose?

I take it for most of my transportation needs; from running errands to commuting.

Where are you typically traveling from and going to?

I live downtown and often go to Hollywood or the Westside.

What lines/routes do you take?

The 720 Metro Rapid line to Santa Monica; The Red and Purple Lines; sometimes I’ll take the Gold Line to visit Pasadena or the Silver Line to visit my parents in the South Bay.

How long does it typically take?

It doesn’t take more than 20 minutes to travel between Hollywood and Downtown. A trip to The Westside is generally over an hour.

Briefly, how would you describe your typical transit experience? Love it, deal with it, or hate it?

I deal with it.

On average, what do you spend each month on transportation?

$50 – $100

Why do you take transit?

It’s much less stressful than driving. Since I have no parking space where I live, if my car is parked on a curb that doesn’t require me to move it I won’t. I also hate driving for environmental reasons.

Other Transportation:

Do you use any other forms of alternative transportation?

I often carpool since some friends live close by, and driving is less unnecessary when carrying more people.

Are you car-free? If so, why? If not, why not?

No, I just moved from a very suburban location that I frequently visit.

Your Perspective:

If you could make one change to improve your transit experience, what would it be?

I would make the red line run 24 hours. Transit and nightlife go hand in hand when the service continues beyond last call.

Given limited funds, how would you address L.A.’s transportation issues?

More rail could lead to having no need for my car. I currently use it sparingly to visit the South Bay and San Gabriel Valley.

Do you think L.A. transit is better or worse since you started riding? What’s changed?

It’s gotten better. I first started riding in high school and since then services and new lines have been added.

How would you encourage Angelenos to use transit?

Get rid of free parking across the county, increase gas taxes and increase taxes on vehicles that don’t curb fuel consumption. These options can all increase transit funding too :).

I would make the red line run 24 hours. Transit and nightlife go hand in hand when the service continues beyond last call.