@MetroLosAngeles Twitter Tuesday (Wednesday Edition)

Welcome to Twitter Tuesday, a weekly feature here at The Source in which we’ll round up the latest Metro related tweets in the Twitterverse. To follow Metro on Twitter just search for @MetroLosAngeles. We recommend adding the #MetroLosAngeles tag to your tweets to get our attention.

And when it comes to complaints, the best way to get them addressed is to use the Customer Comment Form on Metro.net. There you can provide all the detail needed so that customer service reps may best address your problems.

Twitter Tuesday on a Wednesday! Surprise! More like “oops!” As Milli Vanilli once said, “blame it on the rain.”

One of our goals with Twitter Tuesday has been to rescue tweets from the void of the internet and hopefully getting some Metro eyeballs on what riders are talking about on a daily basis. While Metro has beefed up the service alerts side of its Twitter initiative, many riders (understandably so) expect there to be a better customer service element to @MetroLosAngeles. As it stands, the established customer service protocol is to contact Customer Relations with complaints and issues.

We’ve tried to make sure our Twitter followers are aware of this, but as is evident from the tweet that follows, work still needs to be done.

Unresolved Tweet of the Year:

Kythera Dear Metro Claus… For Christmas, I would like to see these guys finally taken care of. ;_; #metrolosangeles http://twitpic.com/3i4n8k
One of @MetroLosAngeles’ most prolific tweeters, @Kythera, first tweeted about dead birds at the LAX City Bus Center back in August. We pointed @Kythera to Customer Relations, the department equipped to handle and resolve such complaints. @Kythera took our advice and contacted Customer Relations, and we followed up just be sure. Customer Relations told us that it wasn’t clear whether the responsibility to clean up the mess was in the hands of Metro or Los Angeles World Airports.
Four months later, the question – and the birds – still remain.
Complaints and Criticisms:
sallywasmyride Sardines in a can on the blue line. @metrolosangeles
kenyaw Still wondering why @metrolosangeles doesn’t update patrons at platforms when trains are delayed, unlike @SFBART #transit #snark
ZachBehrens It boggles my mind @metrolosangeles has a bus leave a subway station when 2 trains arrive, zero time to transfer, leaves ppl waiting 20 mins
CoasterMatt Hey @metrolosangeles – when people pay $75 a month for the ‘privilege’ of riding, how about having some buses more than once an hour?
sebastian_santo @metrolosangeles Shame on you! Your driver of the line 20 eastbound just passed by a lady and didn’t stop in the middle of the rain Car#6535
NathanUnbound Had a delightful @metrolosangeles trip with @lemlove down to South Pas…until the power went out & we had to evac! http://yfrog.com/h0gr2gj
Waltarrrrr @MetroLosAngeles as much as I enjoy your TransitTV, I really don’t enjoy shielding my 4 y.o. kid from seeing Clay Duke shooting people on it
rsrramirez Holiday #FAIL to 419 driver who wouldn’t pick me up in rain said not taking passengers @metrolosangeles #la #losangeles
TheKrysten Thanks a dozen, @metrolosangeles, for nixing so many bus lines and times. Thanks to your “planning” it’s impossible get somewhere now!
cookiebandit @Metrolosangeles too many people on 720 – doors closed b4 i could exit. Took like the whole bus shouting back door 4 the driver 2 open door

Kudos and Compliments:
MobilityMaven Took train and DASH to work to stay off rainy roads. Arrived safe with low stress, relatively dry. Thanks to @metrolosangeles @ladottransit
kenyaw It’s great that the @metrolosangeles #BlueLine driver announced the reason for delays this am (damaged wires).
Kythera Phew! Finally a good transit day in all this rain! #metrolosangeles
Some good ideas and observations in transit, after the jump.
Good ideas:
daveedkapoor Run the entire @metrolosangeles system 24/7 with no wait >6mins. Enable angelenos to be mobile without personal vehicles
cookiebandit Someone just asked if 920 still runs. Maybe @metrolosangeles should have put up signs at the bus stops?
pjfurlong We need smartphone apps w/ GPS tracking for @metrolosangeles + @ladottransit. @villaraigosa help get em on the tech bus! #LA
Observations in transit:
glutster caught an episode of the ‘clever cleaver bros’ on the 720 @metrolosangeles . Man, its been a while. Used to watch this daily growing up…
FredCamino hit up @metrolosangeles trains and buses all day w/ @igetrad for some rainy xmas shopping that went better than expected
ElRandomHero #metrolosangeles tv thing talking about #dreamact vote today. Annoying #hipsters got on da bus too grrr
NathanUnbound Just saw a coyote scamper out of the way of my Gold Line train near SW Museum St. #metrolosangeles
@metrolosangeles …rideshare Thursday is on full mode
alexdecordoba Rode the @MetroLosAngeles Red Line today with my @FoldingBikeLA! http://ht.ly/3qqhW @BikeMetro would approve! #BikeLA
rsrramirez Props to 419 driver bus 92005 who DID pick me up @metrolosangeles #thankyou
Kythera …REALLY, @metrolosangeles? Tweets about “babes on metro” made it to “observations in transit?” Sigh

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