Give the gift of feedback, take our 2010 Reader Survey

It’s been a while since we plugged it, but our reader survey is still open for responses and we’ll keep it that way through the end of the year.

The reader survey is a chance for us to get to know the needs of our readers more and for our readers to help shape our coverage in 2011.

A few interesting demographic findings from the results so far:

  • The average Source reader seems to be young and male: 83% of our readers are men and 58% are between 18 and 34 years old.
  • 73% of Source readers are regular transit riders.
  • Readership seems to be spread out pretty evenly across L.A. County, although the Eastside seems under represented with only 1% and a surprising 16% say they don’t live in L.A. County.

If you have yet to fill out the survey, please do. It shouldn’t take more than a few minutes and it will really help us with our Source related New Year’s resolutions.

Just point your browser here to help us out:

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4 replies

  1. @k

    The Source has been fair in publishing critical statements from readers. Have you seen Twitter Tuesday? Some of those “tweets” are extremely critical of Metro service, and often the critical “tweets” outnumber the complimentary “tweets”.

    @The Source

    I agree that a Spanish version of the survey should be offered.

  2. The blog is in English, so what is the use of conducting a survey about the blog in Spanish?

  3. Back in the days when LA times was very nice to the bus riders, it mentioned that only people who have no choice take buses. Many of them are immigrants. Some of them are busy working, or taking buses to different locations. Surfing internet is more like luxury. Don’t know how many of those people have smart phones.
    Of course, many people could drive the train station, Those people do have big voices. They seem to like MTA
    I think MTA only wants to listens to the people that complement MTA

  4. East Los Angeles may be underrepresented because the survey (and The Source) is monolingual. Are you working on including Spanish as an option?