Transportation headlines, Wednesday, Dec. 15

Here is a look at some of the transportation headlines gathered by us and the Metro Library. The full list of headlines is posted on the library’s blog.

The best and worst commutes (Bundle)

Yet another list of who has the most joyful and most awful driving commutes around the United States. The gist of it: Eugene, Oregon, is apparently some type of commuting nirvana, whereas most large cities in Texas and California — L.A. included — are not.

Southwest U.S. could be first to be hardest hit by climate change (New York Times/Climate Wire)

There’s another new round of research based on the study of tree rings that shows the Southwest has suffered monster droughts in the past. That’s not exactly news, but more scientists are saying climate change may lead to new crippling droughts for the region, with the particular problem being how to find water for more than 50 million residents of the Southwest if such a drought occurs. Attentive readers see tailpipes and think “greenhouse gas.”

Lake Mead, by the way, was nearly full in 1999 and is now at about 39 percent of capacity due to an ongoing dry cycle, according to the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation.

A toll to enter San Francisco not warmly received to the south (Mercury News)

The Board of Supervisors in San Francisco are considering a congestion pricing-type plan that would charge motorists up to $6 a day to enter the city from the south. And how is San Mateo County, which is south of S.F., responding? By preparing a plan — i.e. a threat — of their own to charge motorists up to $12 a day to enter the peninsula from San Francisco.

2 replies

  1. It looks like the Board of Supes in SF dropped the congestion fee plans for entering from the Peninsula in favor of doubling down on congestion pricing in the City’s core.

    Hopefully they plan on using that revenue to complete the bay bridge bike path (which is set to dead-end at Treasure Island, rendering it virtually useless for East Bay commuters), or at least improve MUNI service to the Western Addition and the Richmond.

  2. I think tese are both good ideas!
    Ialso think LA should charge for entering from the North East and South $8.00