Metro gets good marks in customer survey

Here’s the press release:

A recently conducted survey of more than 17,500 Metro riders shows that 86 percent of those polled indicated that they either agree or strongly agree that they are satisfied with Metro bus and rail service compared to 14 percent who disagree, and 79 percent believed that the Metro bus/rail system is better today than a year ago.

The latest on-board survey, conducted in June/July 2010 and now tabulated, clearly shows that customer satisfaction continues to be high among Metro riders, up a full percentage point from last year and up from 83 percent of those polled in a survey conducted in the Spring of 2008.

The on-board survey also shows that the perception of on-time performance of the system continues strong with 75 percent agreeing that their bus/train is generally on time compared to 25 percent who disagreed.

Nearly 84 percent thought that the bus operator on their particular line was courteous, and 85 percent say they normally have a seat, the highest level of satisfaction with having a seat, slightly up from 84 percent last year and up from 81 percent when compared to a 2008 rider  survey.

The survey also showed that 84 percent say they use the Metro system primarily to commute to and from work, up from 80 percent last year with 25 percent indicating they did have a vehicle available to make their trip but chose Metro as an alternative to driving.

The survey also showed that 90 percent of patrons indicated that they feel safe riding the Metro system. In addition, 78 percent found it easy to find and purchase Metro passes with 53 percent using the TAP card and 71 percent of the riders saying that they prefer using the TAP card over paper passes.

The on-board survey was conducted system wide over a six week period between June 4 and July 16, 2010 by The Applied Management and Planning Group based in Los Angeles using a field crew of approximately 20 surveyors that conducted the survey on-board buses and trains as patrons used the system. A total of 17,795 patrons responded to the survey.

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  1. “Am I happy with bus service? No, most bus riders I know are not happy.”

    Most drivers I know are not happy.

    • According to the staff report, they’re shooting for the second quarter of next year. Keep in mind that’s a goal, not a hard date.

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source

  2. How lame is this survey, and did they have blind people conduct the survey? Service is severely lacking throughout LA, bus lines are getting cut, and many lanes never see increase in service frequency. Are you kidding me?

  3. I like many bus drivers. I think the rail system and rapid bus systems are good. Of course, my home, work, and life have to be within 20 minute walking distance. Therefore, just like most people, I am stuck with bus system.

    Am I happy with bus service? No, most bus riders I know are not happy. How about MTA staff and Steve? We know Steve and many MTA staff don’t take public transit, so they are not eligible to participate the survey.

    One thing that is true. Most of the time I can get the seat because people hate to take buses, that leave plenty of seats available. The only time I am having trouble finding seats is taking freq bus service which many places lack off. When there are many freq bus/rail service available, finding the seats will be our next complaint.

    Now I am not happy about service

    Can Steve/MTA stop posting this misleading information?