Red Line trains resume service; minor delays to 5:45 p.m.

Red Line trains are resuming normal operations with minor  residual delays until 5:45 p.m.

What was happening: Red Line  experiencing delays this afternoon between 3 p.m. and 4:50 p.m. Red Line subway trains were single tracking between Universal City and the Hollywood/Western station due to an incident involving an eastbound train at the Hollywood/Vine station.

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  1. Guys….a guy almost died…im sorry if you guys were late…they just dont delay trains for nothing people…yea they shud have other plans but its really not like they expect these things to happen…ie maybe you guys should expect an “accident” to happen everyday you ride public transportation so you have your other route to get wherever youre going…

  2. It does take time to dispatch buses to do a bus bridge, BUT there needs to be better information on the web site (and not just Twitter, either). Unfortunately with the advent of comments on The Source these are just comments going into a black hole, with no response or followup. I was always against having comments in the first place because there was no evidence that Metro staff would be any more responsive with public comments than without. At least emails gave you a response. How about a feature where we round up comments for the week, and not just post them with no response like the Twitter roundup, but actually respond to some of these questions???

  3. It was horrible.!! To say the least. I waited at 7th Street as well and there was not one single announcement with the exception of “Sorry for the delay”. This is the SECOND Incident. On Friday 12/10/2010 there was another Incident where we all had to get off at Universal Station and wait for METRO to come up with a plan for a solution. They didn’t mention anything until you literally got to Universal station and were told to get off. Once this happened the METRO STAFF where more confused then a 5 year old with a sudoku puzzle. METRO SHOULD HAVE AN EMERGENCY PROTOCOL IN HAND, and if you guys do then it must be applied. I got off at 4pm on Friday and my trip is only 35 minutes. I got home at 7:30pm. This is a very Inconvenient and it frustrates me to think that METRO doesn’t have an emergency back up plan. It would at least help to communicate via the PA system. Sorry METRO. I always gave you guys too much credit.

  4. The METRO delays on Tuesday, December 14, 2010 at 7th Street/Metro station were longer than 15 minutes, much longer. To make matters even worse the platform was dangerously crowded. No officers in sight to control/protect the crowd and there was NO communication in part of METRO employees.

    What a shame METRO Red Line.

  5. Ditto…with technology, computer monitors, the PA system, or safety peronnel or sheriffs, there SHOULD HAVE BEEN AN ANNOUNCEMENT. Metro security has cameras and monitors what’s going on on the platforms – thus those in the office saw the crowds but failed to do your public service and inform your customers of the situation so that we can find alternate means of transportation.

    Too many people crowding the platform at 7th Street/metro station is a disaster waiting.

    Do you want that on your hands?

  6. This information is not accurate. I waited at 7th Street/Metro Center Station for 35 minutes and FINALLY heard an announcment that said “Sorry for the delay, there is an accident at Hollywood/Vine.” No mention of how long the delay would be or other forms of transportation to be taken. Can we really trust this mode of transportation? Maybe ask the thousands of people waiting next to me or my daycare where I picked up my child an hour after they closed….Minor Delay?? Really?

  7. Stuck in downtown waited for Northbound train from 4:45 to 5:30 in Pershing Square Red Line station. Two trains came, only one stopped. No announcements, mounting confusion. COMMUNICATE MTA!!! COMMUNICATE!!!