Red Line delays this afternoon

Expect delays of about 12 minutes on Red Line subway trains, which are single tracking between Universal City and the Hollywood/Western station due to an incident involving an eastbound train at the Hollywood/Vine station.

Trains in both directions are still stopping at Hollywood/Vine.

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  1. Just like the delay on 12/10 the inncodent that occured at hollywood/vine causing the red line trains to stop could have been handeled better. Announcemnts throughout the trains informed riders “police action is causing a delay and the tranis would not continue on route.” they then informed riders “you should consider taking street busses if you need to leave”. I give kudos for trying to keep the riders informed without putting us in panic mode but if you want us to leave and ride a different mode of transportation, atleast give the courtsey of telling us how to use it.
    When stranded at an unfamilar stop underground, simply trying to make it to work/home/wherever; atleast have the decency to help us by teling us which bus to take and where it takes us!!