Sup. Knabe delivers his thoughts on the State of L.A. County

Despite a California shortfall of $25 billion and a national debt of around $13.7 trillion, there’s good news for L.A. County, according to Metro Board Chair and L.A. County Supervisor Don Knabe. And a chunk of that good news relates to transit. Well, transit and jobs.

In his State of the County speech last week, Sup. Knabe noted a long list of on-going transit projects and the thousand of jobs that they have or will produce for our region. He attributed much of this growth to the foresight and frustration of L.A. County residents who voted three times for taxes to help fund a modern transit system.

The results are paying off at a time when we most need them. Not only are jobs an important byproduct of our transit development. “In part, the air is getting cleaner because Metro is getting greener,” he said, pointing out that next month when metro retires its last diesel bus, the agency will become the first major transit system in the U.S. to run totally on alternative fuels.

Chair Knabe delivered his speech at the Long Beach Convention Center and it’s posted on his website. A portion of it — the part concerned with transit — is posted above..

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