Reminder: bus service changes begin Sunday, Dec. 12

A number of changes to Metro bus service begin Sunday, including the discontinuation of a few routes — including the 168, 214, 311, 608, 711, 714, 715, 753 and 920.

The whole rundown of changes is here. Keep in mind that the discontinued lines are being replaced with enhancements to existing lines and/or other lines already provided by municipal operators. Please click on the link for more information.

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  1. Of course the wilshire bus lanes aren’t going to make much of a difference now because they keep getting trimmed down to smaller segments of wilshire. Basically almost half of wilshire is now not covered; Santa Monica, Beverly hills and now Condo Canyon which together make almost half of the blvd. The Santa Monica section is a critical endpoint where much of the congestion occurs and activity is located and seeing as how Metro conveniently nixed the plans for the westside subway in SM, there basically will not be any improvements in one of the densest, activity and business heavy parts of the west side. Good job!!!

  2. The 920 was one of the best things about the lame LA bus system. I can’t believe they’re getting rid of it. The 720 is a nighmare. I rarely get a seat, even at night. Before I moved here 10 years ago from Washington, DC, I had heard hat LA’s bus system was poor and unfirtunately, I’ve found out that it’s true. The rapid buses are a big help. In many cities, there’s an extra surcharge for riding an express bus so at least we don’t have to pay more.

  3. Did I miss something? Were there signs posted at my 920 stops that I just failed to see? Did the drivers make verbal announcements during the weeks leading up to its discontinuation? Did riding it every day, twice a day, make me tune out all the warning signs? I felt pretty ill-used yesterday morning as I waited a full half-hour, sure that “the next bus that comes along will be the 920!” It’s selfish, right, for me to be so put out at having to ride the 720, stand because it’s too crowded, hold on with both hands because it spends more time in the right lane, leave the house earlier because it takes longer?

  4. RIP, 920 and many other Rapid buses along with their weekend service; there is a silver lining for Wilshire, bus lanes should speed up 720 service.

    Yesterday was when schedule changes occurred and with that, operator assignments. Apparently, the 761 SB driver yesterday afternoon was a newb to the route and got lost in the Sepulveda Pass, our articulated bus made a Uey on Sepulveda north of I-405 cuz he was going the wrong direction; I had to guide him through the route and directed him to the stops. Not good considering he did have a dry run in a non-revenue Metro passenger vehicle. I couldn’t help but wonder what would happend if I didn’t provide assistance :).

    • Gail,

      To be fair, there have been several posts on The Source regarding the service changes over the last three months, and it is the first thing displayed on I believe there have been other outreach efforts as well.

      This post was just a final heads-up that the changes went into effect today. For more information on the effected lines, you can go here.


      Carter Rubin
      Contributing Writer, The Source

  5. I also used the 920 when I could. Keep the Faith…even in these hard times the City of Angels will prevail.